Track Record
FB 4 (+5%) Z 9.76 (+10%) SCTY 5.25 (+11%) DD 2.65 (+4%) DVN -4.5 (-7%) TAN 4 (+12%) FEYE 4.2 (+17%) PEIX 2.2 (+23%) IBB 12 (+4%) QQQ 5.5 (+6%) SPY 9 (+5%) NTAP 2.51 (+6%) BIDU 12.54 (+6%) IYT 6.4 (+4%) SGG 2.33 (+5%) Options: MCP 0.23 (+57%) PSX -3.91 (-5%) BIDU 10 (+5%) SMH 1.82 (+4%) SYMC 1.13 (+5%) URBN 2.28 (+5%) Options: SWN 0.22 (+22%) SDRL -3.39 (-11%) CORN -3.02 (-11%) TMUS 1.23 (+4%) SWN -3.76 (-9%) SINA 0.25 (+1%) NUS 3 (+7%) CLF 1.31 (+9%) DNDN 0.22 (+16%) LUV -3.3 (-11%) CGA 0.6 (+20%) S 0.52 (+9%) X 2.45 (+6%) PHO 1.25 (+5%) FXE -2.95 (-2%) VXX 0.57 (+2%) YHOO 2.05 (+6%) DIS -6.2 (-7%) VXX 2.1 (+7%) SINA 2.4 (+4%) EWG 0.94 (+3%) BRK.B -5.1 (-4%) SPY 0.56 (+1%) Options: WFM 0.41 (+16%) EWC 1 (+3%) HIMX 0.57 (+9%) CVX 1.55 (+1%) UNG 0.07 (0%) Options: HPQ 0.3 (+34%) MMM 2.2 (+2%) FXC 0.6 (+1%) TBT -4.92 (-8%) IYT 4.3 (+2%) USO 0.62 (+1%) AXP -3.37 (-3%) CMG -77.75 (-13%) QCOM 3.55 (+4%) ORLY 3.9 (+3%) KO -1.74 (-4%) SNDK 10.65 (+10%) MA 3.42 (+5%) IBB 11.5 (+4%) CSCO 0.22 (+1%) RDY 3.36 (+8%) HDGE -0.57 (-5%) DD 2.4 (+4%) Options: CVX 0.18 (+12%) MU 0.8 (+2%) INTC -1.99 (-7%) VXX -5.5 (-15%) CLF 0.34 (+2%) FB -6.34 (-11%) TJX 0.78 (+1%) BA 4.9 (+4%) Options: IYT 0.4 (+26%) Options: DAL 1.05 (+100%) IYT -8.9 (-6%) CVX 2.2 (+2%) GE -0.48 (-2%) TWTR 2 (+6%) UNH 3.24 (+4%) TSN 2.2 (+5%) IWM 6.3 (+5%) WHR 8 (+5%) VXX -4.05 (-10%) FEYE -9.35 (-26%) CRM 2.64 (+5%) DANG 1.05 (+10%) WFM 0.51 (+1%) QCOM 4.35 (+5%) IBB 22 (+10%) NFLX 22 (+7%) SH 0.27 (+1%) IWM 5.35 (+5%) RIG 0.63 (+2%) MOS 0.77 (+2%) VXX 2.3 (+6%) NFLX 16.4 (+5%) GLD 1.75 (+1%) COG 1.07 (+2%) LNKD 17 (+11%) P 2.35 (+9%) VXX 2.2 (+5%) DDD 4.67 (+8%) FDX 2.46 (+2%) YHOO 3.6 (+9%) ADBE 2.62 (+4%) WDC -7.75 (-9%) PCLN 51 (+4%) FB 5.65 (+8%) AUY -1.34 (-13%) JJC 0.56 (+1%) SPY 1.6 (+1%) USO 0.37 (+1%) JO 3 (+8%) PCLN 42 (+3%) GILD 7.5 (+9%) PLUG 0.6 (+10%) PRGO -13.3 (-9%) VXX 2.4 (+5%) CORN 1.75 (+6%) BBBY 2.53 (+4%) TGT 0.00 (0%) HAL 0.4 (+1%) FCX 0.66 (+2%) MCP 0.32 (+7%) SINA 3 (+5%) PBR 0.56 (+5%) BA 5 (+4%) JCP -1.35 (-21%) PCLN 25 (+2%) BA 2 (+2%) ANF 2.3 (+7%) F 0.76 (+4%) AMZN 15 (+4%) VXX 3 (+7%) YHOO 2.17 (+5%) WYNN 3 (+2%) HAL 0.25 (+1%) AUY 0.6 (+7%) ROSG 0.95 (+30%) SINA -6.24 (-7%) TWTR 12 (+17%) ABIO 0.67 (+43%) CCXI 1 (+19%) TWGP 0.72 (+29%) TWTR 2.5 (+3%) NEWL 0.3 (+17%) WPRT -1.25 (-6%) ECTE 0.58 (+21%) FB 4.11 (+9%) CELG -15.66 (-10%)

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Can You Handle The Truth!? InTheMoneyStocks Reviews

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 11:20PM ET

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When it comes to the facts, we like to let the TWO most important things do the talking, the results and our members. Our track record, which details every single call given to Research Center members for the past 3 years is all you need to see. When it comes down to the facts and a real InTheMoneyStocks Review, this is the best and only way to find out what really goes on behind the Elite doors of our Research Center... take a look at the track record of every swing trade call given to Research Center members right here.


Then check this out, right from those who use the services provided by our Pros... hear what they have to say in their InTheMoneyStocks Reviews posted right to our Facebook fanpage...


If you are not a member, we shouldn't even have to tell you what you are missing, it is clear. So stop wasting time and money, step inside our Research Center for 7 free days right now here.




The Fatal Amateur Trader Mistake, (NYSEARCA:XLF) (NYSE:M)

Posted by Kiliam Lopez Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 02:48PM ET

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Right now, the media and nearly every financial outfit is promoting how the market is stagnate and that no one is making money in this environment. The fact is, those who get sucked into this media hype are the amateurs and ill informed. The Pros are trading, while the amateurs are sitting there listening to the talking heads. Just take note of my Select Sector Financial Slct Str SPDR Fd (NYSEARCA:XLF) example which I explain below. Your first step to making money in the markets would be to turn off the TV, tune out the media and don't take stock tips from the bagel guy! The only thing you need to do is stay focused on what works and has worked centuries, reading the charts. The charts will give you a clear picture of what is happening, without emotion, without noise.

The media has a great way of discouraging people from learning and taking control of their own financial independence. Then you have all of these financial institutions who want you to blindly hand over your money to them, so they can gamble it away. History has repeatedly showed us examples of how both the media and large financial institutions are not the answer for those looking to protect or grow their hard earned money. Do you recall the epic collapses such as, The Tech bubble of '99-'00, the Financial Crisis and many others; on all instances the public was caught on the wrong side of the trade, after massive run ups in the markets. All of these market busts wiped out all, if not most of the publics original investments, while top executives of these major financial institutions walked away with millions.

As investors or traders we must follow charts as they don't lie to us. The charts will not feed us information because they have an ulterior motive. Such as the media selling a popular "headline," or financial institutions who may get higher commissions on risky (or any) investments; the charts are a true representation of what is happening and what is coming. When read correctly, charts have a much higher probability of predicting future price moves than any other means. Therefore, charts allow us to position ourselves on the right side of the trade.


Let's take a quick look at how trading based on the charts has performed versus other means...


Just a couple of weeks ago, Elite Round Table members were alerted to short Merrill Lynch Semiconductors HOLDRS ETF (NYSEARCA:SMH). Shortly after the position was entered, the popular ETF fell and the trade was closed out for a 2.86% net gain. Around the same time period, while many uninformed traders would have bought (gone long) Macy's, Inc. (NYSE:M), our members were alerted to short the name at a price of $58.30. We exited the Macy's trade prior to the earnings release for a net gain of 4.8% within 10 trading days. We were closing the trade for a profit, while the amateurs who treat investing like gambling were placing bets based on Macy's earnings. Why do I say trading earnings is gambling? Just ask yourself, how many times have you seen a stock go lower on great earnings, or higher on poor earnings? The answer is simple, this information was baked into the cake, and the cake is the charts. Again during April, as media started to panic over a mild pull back the markets were having, that panic gave a clear signal a bounce was coming. We scanned the charts, and determined that SINA Corp (NASDAQ:SINA) was a great trade at a price of $50.27, which is where we entered. Yes you guessed right, within three trading days the trade was closed out for a net gain of over 11%.


This Tuesday, I alerted my followers via twitter and our members forum "Traders Life 24/7" that $22.31 will be a resistance level on the Select Sector Financial Slct Str SPDR Fd (NYSEARCA:XLF) which tracks financials. A few hours later, the popular ETF pierced the $22.31 level by one penny, and sold off all day long even as the markets moved up. Days prior to today's move, I posted the XLF chart which alerted me to the level and another high probability trade. There is no guessing or gambling when it comes to trading the charts. These are just some of the latest examples of real trades we have taken by utilizing the charts of stocks. If you followed the media hype or many of the "Pros" on TV, you likely would have been on the wrong side of these trades. If you read the charts as we did, you would have earned great profits in the past few weeks.

So, when considering the facts, why would anyone stay on the sidelines, follow the herd or the hype? Why not trade and profit consistently like the professionals who utilize the charts? If you are reading this now it must mean that you have some concern with your finances, and that is great. However, your finances are just that, YOURS! So as I said in the start of this article (which may have turned into a personal rant against the media hype and greedy institutions), do not be the amateur or the ill informed who blindly follow the herd. Take control of your financial future by learning to read the charts and avoiding the noise. Once you break out of the mold, and move from the amateur investing minded to the informed, you will see the markets in entirely new light.  Stock charts are right there in front of you for you to learn and trade from, start utilizing them now.

Dismiss the noise, focus on the charts and the trades will come to you. Come join myself and 3 other Pro Traders at The Elite Round Table; profit while learning the same techniques we use to find the high success rate trades I mentioned above. Your time to advance is now.    
Kiliam L.
Elite Round Table, Pro Trader
Willy Wonka The Stock Trader - Learn From This!

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 06:14PM ET

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There is no secret trading system, or golden ticket that will enable you to profit from the markets. This is the stock market, its not "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" out here folks, trading is one of the hardest arenas to compete in! For that simple reason YOU MUST avoid the crap out there, run from the imposter fake "trader" services and learn from the proven Pros.


We provide you with factual information to help you weed out the fake traders and start learning from the real Pros. As simple as this, our Research Center is the main service for swing traders or those with a day job who cannot be tied to their computer all day. If you are looking to enter a position and be made aware of every detail of the trade before hand so there is no guessing - simply place the trade and let the profits come to you, then the Research Center is for you. Within the Research Center, not only will our Pros detail out what they are seeing and give you the exact trades to profit from it, they will offer you the insight that will keep you multiple steps ahead of 99% of the population - this is the inside track, and the exact reason our Pros are paid by Hedge Funds and institutions to consult for them.


At this link here, you will see the history of every single swing trade our Research Center members have been given over the past 3 years (yes InTheMoneyStocks has been around much longer than 3 years, but we only caught up with technology 3 years ago and started this track record. Our Pros trade stocks, not build websites!). But here it is, the facts behind the InTheMoneyStocks Track Record. Once you see the calls, it will be even more clear who the real Pros are. There is no questioning that fact.


We can't make it any easier for you, we offer a 7 day, no obligation free trial - do yourself a favor, if financial freedom is something you desire then stop wasting time and become part of our Elite group already!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us 24/7 at or call our office during market hours at 212-380-1578.

Stock Market Traders: You Better Be Prepared For This!

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Sunday, May 18, 2014, 02:15PM ET

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Listen in as Nick Santiago join's Gareth Soloway for this week's "InTheMoney Radio Show." This is a powerful show, they tell you exactly what to watch and how to know when the stock market is going to make a big move, either higher or lower. Listen close, then step up and get their trades as they reveal them to members, live. Our Research Center is the main place for any swing trader and investor looking to position their portfolio for multiple day/week moves in stocks and the markets. Take note of the track record of every call given to members over the past few years here. After you view the results, the only thing left to do is join the Pros in the Research Center, click here for more information.

 If you want to know where the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (NYSEARCA:SPY) is going, Nick's trade on Whole Foods Market, Inc. (NASDAQ:WFM), where SPDR Gold Trust (ETF) (NYSEARCA:GLD) is headed and plenty more, watch the video! Make sure you have joined our FREE Email Alerts List so you can be notified when there is any need to know market moving information - we ONLY send the information you need, so you need to be on the list.


If you have any questions for us, send us an email 24/7 at, or call our office during market hours at 212-380-1578.

The Elite Round Table Of Stock Traders - See The Action

Posted by Kristof Wednesday, April 30, 2014, 08:55PM ET

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Watch this video as, Kristof, who is one of the 6 Pro Traders that comprise the "Elite Round Table" at shows you the first trade this group took and profited from with their members.
If you are ready to step into the Elite... click here to join the Elite Round Table.

Disclaimer: All comments made by InTheMoneyStocks, LLC and its subsidiaries, instructors, and representatives are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice regarding the purchase or sale of securities, or any other financial instrument of any kind. Please consult with your financial adviser before making an investment decision regarding any securities mentioned herein. InTheMoneyStocks, LLC and its representatives assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results. All information on the website was obtained from sources believed to be reliable., but we do not warrant its completeness or accuracy, or warrant any results from the use of the information. InTheMoneyStocks, LLC, its employees, representatives and affiliated individuals may have a position or effect transactions in the securities herein and or otherwise employ trading strategies that may be consistent or inconsistent with the provided strategies. Trading of any type involves a very high degree of risk. Futures and Options trading are not suitable for all investors. Past results are not indicative of future results. InTheMoneyStocks, LLC, its subsidiaries and all affiliated individuals assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results.