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Today's Market Movers

Posted by Monday, September 14, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Today's Market MoversGainers

AA +7.88%
AKS +5.21%
BCRX +7.64%
CAT +6.11%
IPG +8.65%


BBY -5.77%
C -9.07%
CVH -6.49%
KR -7.66%

Final Destination: Markets Close Slightly Higher As Dollar Continues To Be Raped

Posted by Monday, September 14, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Final Destination: Markets Close Slightly Higher As Dollar Continues To Be RapedIn the last week, President Obama has pumped the market, Geithner has had a town hall meeting and pumped the markets and today, Bernanke proclaimed the recession over.  Pump, pump, pump these markets higher...or so they try.  With all that pumping, the dollar continually being raped lower, oil ripping higher, the markets barely squeaked out a positive day. Note below on the chart of the SPY closed right on the green trend line. Watch this green trend line for a possible break tomorrow and a possible move to $104.50.  On the upside, watch $106.10.  This market remains in a propped manner being held up by light volume.  This market has started to get increased volume, the question is.....will the increase in volume be on the sell side or buy side?

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One Year Later, One (Trillion) More Dollars

Posted by Monday, September 14, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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One Year Later, One (Trillion) More DollarsSeptember 15th, 2008, a day that will live in infamy. Famous words, much the same, made in 1941 by our President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As the one year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse approaches, I find myself looking at the economic picture and wondering if we really dodged a bullet or if we traded in our single shot rifle pointed at our head for an semi automatic? Did we really just blow up the asteroid, on a crash collision with Earth, or just shatter it into a million more deadly pieces? Our government, Treasury and Federal Reserve all claim we have averted disaster, apparently the recession is over. I would be thrilled to believe this, I truly would, but let us look at the facts.

As I look over my notes and calculations I find some interesting issues and facts popping up. For instance, would it surprise any of you that far more banks are in trouble now than 6 months ago? The markets are up more than 50% from March, we have been told the recession is over, but more banks are in trouble than ever before. Last year a total of 25 banks failed, this year so far 89 have failed and hundreds more will most likely fail. When I first learned of that fact, it shocked me. If the economy is almost out of this mess, out of recession, how is it that far more banks are in trouble than at the height of the financial crisis?

The recession has been called the worst since the Great Depression. However, the most depressing part of it and what should make everyone of you angry is how the recovery is being portrayed. The term being used is "jobless recovery". As my readers, do you truly know what that means? What is a jobless recovery? How can you have a recovery without jobs (consumer spending)? Simply put, a jobless recovery is one where the jobless consumers do not spend (because they are out of work); therefore the government must pick up the slack and spend for them/us. OK, that is very nice of them, but wait; government spending is actually your and my dollars at work? So in reality a jobless recovery is just another term for the government printing trillions of dollars, mortgaging the future, creating another bubble in order to bail us out of this mess. When the government spends money, they must sell bonds/treasuries. In order to do that, they must get other countries to buy them. Other countries buy these treasuries, then give us money; this money is then spent recklessly due to pet projects, lobbyists and ignorant politicians. Should the "jobless recovery" takes hold, it means we have spent ourselves into a future mess that could even be worse than this latest debacle and as long as it is jobless, the only way to SUSTAIN itself is to have the government continue to spend!

You may ask why? Why is government debt so bad if it gets us out of this horrible recession? Well, for starters, the more debt a country runs up, the less their currency is valued out. In other words, each of your and my dollars is worth less. Take this example, if you have one apple and auction it off as the only remaining apple on planet earth, how much money is it worth? Now, what if you had a trillion apples, how much is each one worth? Of course, the last remaining apple is worth much more than one of the trillion apples. This is the same with the dollars. As strange as it may seem, causing the devaluation of a currency acts as a tax on each member of that country. Think about this. Someone has a 401k with $100,000 in it. That can buy 100,000 apples. Now the dollar's value is cut in half because of massive government spending and deficits. All of a sudden, your $100,000 401k only buys 50,000 apples. If you want to see people suffer? Think about that wealth destruction of that! Not only does this have a taxing effect on a countries people, but in the long run, the US government must raise taxes to in the very least, pay the interest on this debt. No doubt about it. These foreign countries eventually will need to be paid back. To do so, the government must raise taxes. There is NO free lunch over the long term.

The scary thing is what is coming in the next decade. What happens between 2010 and 2020? If we thought this was bad, what happens when taxes spike or the dollar collapses....or both? Like Germany, after WWI, what happens if it ever takes a wheel barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread? Could this ever happen? This course we are on is scary. Just another bubble in the making after the last 10. We have been told we are finally out of the recession, yet the tracks we are laying could be even more deadly for this country. A "jobless recovery" is just another term for YOUR dollars and debt on each and every one of YOU being used to finance a "fake" recovery. If you understand one thing, understand that!

Gareth Soloway,
Chief Market Strategist

Futures Trading Lower As US Trade War With China Looms

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Futures Trading Lower As US Trade War With China LoomsThroughout history, trade wars have always been a major negative for the markets as tariffs are looked at as stopping trade and growth.  Some of this is starting with China and the markets/futures are not happy about it.
Citi Downgrades Fertilizer Companies To Hold From Buy

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Citi Downgrades Fertilizer Companies To Hold From BuyCiti on Monday downgraded Potash (POT) ans mosaic (MOS)  to hold from buy. They citied a weaker than expected fall fertilizer application season and price risks tied to contract delays with China.
Oil Drops Below $69 As Dollar Gains

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Oil Drops Below $69 As Dollar GainsOil prices dropped below $69 a barrel Monday, hurt by a rise in the U.S. dollar. Benchmark crude for October delivery was down 59 cents to $68.70 a barrel.
Eli Lilly To Cut 5,500 Jobs By 2011

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Eli Lilly To Cut 5,500 Jobs By 2011In an effort to cut $1 billion in costs, Eli Lilly plans to cut 5,500 jobs by 2011.
Natural Gas Futures Up 7.6%

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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Natural Gas Futures Up 7.6%Natural Gas Futures rose 7.6%


Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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XOM is the leading energy stock in the stock universe. Watch the intraday resistance levels of 70.20 and 70.40. However, if this stock moves higher it can lift the market single handedly.  

Posted by Sunday, September 13, 2009, 08:00PM ET

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The UUP opened higher and pulled back giving a lift to energy stocks and most commodities. Every trade is a trade on the U.S. Dollar. When the dollar declines the market rallies and vice versa.
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