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FB 4 (+5%) Z 9.76 (+10%) SCTY 5.25 (+11%) DD 2.65 (+4%) DVN -4.5 (-7%) TAN 4 (+12%) FEYE 4.2 (+17%) PEIX 2.2 (+23%) IBB 12 (+4%) QQQ 5.5 (+6%) SPY 9 (+5%) NTAP 2.51 (+6%) BIDU 12.54 (+6%) IYT 6.4 (+4%) SGG 2.33 (+5%) Options: MCP 0.23 (+57%) PSX -3.91 (-5%) BIDU 10 (+5%) SMH 1.82 (+4%) SYMC 1.13 (+5%) URBN 2.28 (+5%) Options: SWN 0.22 (+22%) SDRL -3.39 (-11%) CORN -3.02 (-11%) TMUS 1.23 (+4%) SWN -3.76 (-9%) SINA 0.25 (+1%) NUS 3 (+7%) CLF 1.31 (+9%) DNDN 0.22 (+16%) LUV -3.3 (-11%) CGA 0.6 (+20%) S 0.52 (+9%) X 2.45 (+6%) PHO 1.25 (+5%) FXE -2.95 (-2%) VXX 0.57 (+2%) YHOO 2.05 (+6%) DIS -6.2 (-7%) VXX 2.1 (+7%) SINA 2.4 (+4%) EWG 0.94 (+3%) BRK.B -5.1 (-4%) SPY 0.56 (+1%) Options: WFM 0.41 (+16%) EWC 1 (+3%) HIMX 0.57 (+9%) CVX 1.55 (+1%) UNG 0.07 (0%) Options: HPQ 0.3 (+34%) MMM 2.2 (+2%) FXC 0.6 (+1%) TBT -4.92 (-8%) IYT 4.3 (+2%) USO 0.62 (+1%) AXP -3.37 (-3%) CMG -77.75 (-13%) QCOM 3.55 (+4%) ORLY 3.9 (+3%) KO -1.74 (-4%) SNDK 10.65 (+10%) MA 3.42 (+5%) IBB 11.5 (+4%) CSCO 0.22 (+1%) RDY 3.36 (+8%) HDGE -0.57 (-5%) DD 2.4 (+4%) Options: CVX 0.18 (+12%) MU 0.8 (+2%) INTC -1.99 (-7%) VXX -5.5 (-15%) CLF 0.34 (+2%) FB -6.34 (-11%) TJX 0.78 (+1%) BA 4.9 (+4%) Options: IYT 0.4 (+26%) Options: DAL 1.05 (+100%) IYT -8.9 (-6%) CVX 2.2 (+2%) GE -0.48 (-2%) TWTR 2 (+6%) UNH 3.24 (+4%) TSN 2.2 (+5%) IWM 6.3 (+5%) WHR 8 (+5%) VXX -4.05 (-10%) FEYE -9.35 (-26%) CRM 2.64 (+5%) DANG 1.05 (+10%) WFM 0.51 (+1%) QCOM 4.35 (+5%) IBB 22 (+10%) NFLX 22 (+7%) SH 0.27 (+1%) IWM 5.35 (+5%) RIG 0.63 (+2%) MOS 0.77 (+2%) VXX 2.3 (+6%) NFLX 16.4 (+5%) GLD 1.75 (+1%) COG 1.07 (+2%) LNKD 17 (+11%) P 2.35 (+9%) VXX 2.2 (+5%) DDD 4.67 (+8%) FDX 2.46 (+2%) YHOO 3.6 (+9%) ADBE 2.62 (+4%) WDC -7.75 (-9%) PCLN 51 (+4%) FB 5.65 (+8%) AUY -1.34 (-13%) JJC 0.56 (+1%) SPY 1.6 (+1%) USO 0.37 (+1%) JO 3 (+8%) PCLN 42 (+3%) GILD 7.5 (+9%) PLUG 0.6 (+10%) PRGO -13.3 (-9%) VXX 2.4 (+5%) CORN 1.75 (+6%) BBBY 2.53 (+4%) TGT 0.00 (0%) HAL 0.4 (+1%) FCX 0.66 (+2%) MCP 0.32 (+7%) SINA 3 (+5%) PBR 0.56 (+5%) BA 5 (+4%) JCP -1.35 (-21%) PCLN 25 (+2%) BA 2 (+2%) ANF 2.3 (+7%) F 0.76 (+4%) AMZN 15 (+4%) VXX 3 (+7%) YHOO 2.17 (+5%) WYNN 3 (+2%) HAL 0.25 (+1%) AUY 0.6 (+7%) ROSG 0.95 (+30%) SINA -6.24 (-7%) TWTR 12 (+17%) ABIO 0.67 (+43%) CCXI 1 (+19%) TWGP 0.72 (+29%) TWTR 2.5 (+3%) NEWL 0.3 (+17%) WPRT -1.25 (-6%) ECTE 0.58 (+21%) FB 4.11 (+9%) CELG -15.66 (-10%)

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Chinese ADR's Are Falling, Watch The Buy Level For This Chinese Stock

Posted by Nick Santiago Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 12:21PM ET

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This morning, most of the leading Chinese ADR's are coming under heavy selling pressure. As you all know, the Shanghai Indexes (Chinese stock market) has been falling lower since late January 2018. Trade wars and increased tariffs have certainly hurt the Chinese economy, but there have been other problems in China that have caused the markets and leading stocks to decline.

Today, leading Chinese ADR's such as Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA), Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU), YY Inc (NASDAQ:YY), Inc (NASDAQ:JD), and most others are declining lower. The one Chinese ADR that I have my eye on is China Southern Airlines Co Ltd (NYSE:ZNH). Now understand, this stock usually trades very light volume, so it is important to really find a level that will be supported by the institutional crowd. The support area for ZNH stock that looks solid will be around the $27.00 level. This area is where the stock broke out in January 2017. Prior break-out and pivot levels will usually serve as excellent support when retested.


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Nick Santiago

Swing Trade Buy Level On Alibaba (BABA)

Posted by Gareth Soloway Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 12:11PM ET

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Shares of Alibaba Group Holdings (BABA) continue to drop sharply as trade war fear continues and the Chinese economy slows. Alibaba has fallen from over $210 in June 2018 to its current $172 level. Based on calculations and technical chart analysis, Alibaba is a swing trade buy when it hits $160.00.


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Trading The Morning Stock Action: HD, LOW, TPR, EAT & More

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 09:07AM ET

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Stock Trade Setup, S&P Pivot Analysis, Profits Galore

Posted by Gareth Soloway Monday, August 13, 2018, 01:57PM ET

Read 714 times (AMZN): Possible Topping Tail Forming

Posted by Gareth Soloway Monday, August 13, 2018, 01:12PM ET

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Shares of (AMZN) surged higher on Monday, after analysts pumped the advertising potential of the online retailer. With chatter of a $150 billion in revenue by 2020, the stock jumped with euphoria. Smart investors and traders know that stocks top, often on euphoria. Was this it today? That question will be answered at the 4pm ET close. Currently, is reversing off the highs and may be putting in a topping tail. A topping tail is a very bearish reversal signal that marks a major top. at 4PM ET, if the topping tail is formed, it is likely the long-term top on $AMZN.


SELL, SELL, SELL: Trade Alerts...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Monday, August 13, 2018, 12:53PM ET

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TRADERS, we alerted you over the weekend to be ready to profit this week and we showed you how in this post



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This Leading Home-Builder Is Falling, Here's The Trade

Posted by Nick Santiago Monday, August 13, 2018, 12:14PM ET

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This morning, most of the leading home-builder stocks are coming under selling pressure. Home-builder stocks such as Lennar Corp (NYSE:LEN), Toll Brothers Inc (NYSE:TOL), DR Horton Inc (NYSE:DHI) and other are all trading lower by more than 3.0 percent today. Many investors are blaming the recent Redfin Corp (NASDAQ:RDFN) guidance for the decline in the home-building sector, but the industry group has been slumping since the start of 2018.

Lennar Corp (NYSE:LEN) is one particular home-builder that has caught my eye. This stock topped out on January 22, 2018 at $72.17 a share. Since that high pivot, the stock has steadily declined lower throughout the year. Today, LEN stock is trading down by $2.43 to $50.94 a share. Traders should note that the stock has been trading in a sideways range since mid-May. This pattern tells me that there is one more move lower to go before the stock finds a defined bottom. Traders and investors must now watch the $45.00 area as the next major support level for the home-builder. This is where the stock broke out in February 2017. Very often, prior break-out levels will serve as major support when retested.






Nick Santiago

Volatility Is Back And That Means Trade Action

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Monday, August 13, 2018, 09:01AM ET

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Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Saturday, August 11, 2018, 05:55PM ET

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1 Day Swing Trade On $TVIX Pays Profits Like This...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Friday, August 10, 2018, 01:58PM ET

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