Track Record
FB 4 (+5%) Z 9.76 (+10%) SCTY 5.25 (+11%) DD 2.65 (+4%) DVN -4.5 (-7%) TAN 4 (+12%) FEYE 4.2 (+17%) PEIX 2.2 (+23%) IBB 12 (+4%) QQQ 5.5 (+6%) SPY 9 (+5%) NTAP 2.51 (+6%) BIDU 12.54 (+6%) IYT 6.4 (+4%) SGG 2.33 (+5%) Options: MCP 0.23 (+57%) PSX -3.91 (-5%) BIDU 10 (+5%) SMH 1.82 (+4%) SYMC 1.13 (+5%) URBN 2.28 (+5%) Options: SWN 0.22 (+22%) SDRL -3.39 (-11%) CORN -3.02 (-11%) TMUS 1.23 (+4%) SWN -3.76 (-9%) SINA 0.25 (+1%) NUS 3 (+7%) CLF 1.31 (+9%) DNDN 0.22 (+16%) LUV -3.3 (-11%) CGA 0.6 (+20%) S 0.52 (+9%) X 2.45 (+6%) PHO 1.25 (+5%) FXE -2.95 (-2%) VXX 0.57 (+2%) YHOO 2.05 (+6%) DIS -6.2 (-7%) VXX 2.1 (+7%) SINA 2.4 (+4%) EWG 0.94 (+3%) BRK.B -5.1 (-4%) SPY 0.56 (+1%) Options: WFM 0.41 (+16%) EWC 1 (+3%) HIMX 0.57 (+9%) CVX 1.55 (+1%) UNG 0.07 (0%) Options: HPQ 0.3 (+34%) MMM 2.2 (+2%) FXC 0.6 (+1%) TBT -4.92 (-8%) IYT 4.3 (+2%) USO 0.62 (+1%) AXP -3.37 (-3%) CMG -77.75 (-13%) QCOM 3.55 (+4%) ORLY 3.9 (+3%) KO -1.74 (-4%) SNDK 10.65 (+10%) MA 3.42 (+5%) IBB 11.5 (+4%) CSCO 0.22 (+1%) RDY 3.36 (+8%) HDGE -0.57 (-5%) DD 2.4 (+4%) Options: CVX 0.18 (+12%) MU 0.8 (+2%) INTC -1.99 (-7%) VXX -5.5 (-15%) CLF 0.34 (+2%) FB -6.34 (-11%) TJX 0.78 (+1%) BA 4.9 (+4%) Options: IYT 0.4 (+26%) Options: DAL 1.05 (+100%) IYT -8.9 (-6%) CVX 2.2 (+2%) GE -0.48 (-2%) TWTR 2 (+6%) UNH 3.24 (+4%) TSN 2.2 (+5%) IWM 6.3 (+5%) WHR 8 (+5%) VXX -4.05 (-10%) FEYE -9.35 (-26%) CRM 2.64 (+5%) DANG 1.05 (+10%) WFM 0.51 (+1%) QCOM 4.35 (+5%) IBB 22 (+10%) NFLX 22 (+7%) SH 0.27 (+1%) IWM 5.35 (+5%) RIG 0.63 (+2%) MOS 0.77 (+2%) VXX 2.3 (+6%) NFLX 16.4 (+5%) GLD 1.75 (+1%) COG 1.07 (+2%) LNKD 17 (+11%) P 2.35 (+9%) VXX 2.2 (+5%) DDD 4.67 (+8%) FDX 2.46 (+2%) YHOO 3.6 (+9%) ADBE 2.62 (+4%) WDC -7.75 (-9%) PCLN 51 (+4%) FB 5.65 (+8%) AUY -1.34 (-13%) JJC 0.56 (+1%) SPY 1.6 (+1%) USO 0.37 (+1%) JO 3 (+8%) PCLN 42 (+3%) GILD 7.5 (+9%) PLUG 0.6 (+10%) PRGO -13.3 (-9%) VXX 2.4 (+5%) CORN 1.75 (+6%) BBBY 2.53 (+4%) TGT 0.00 (0%) HAL 0.4 (+1%) FCX 0.66 (+2%) MCP 0.32 (+7%) SINA 3 (+5%) PBR 0.56 (+5%) BA 5 (+4%) JCP -1.35 (-21%) PCLN 25 (+2%) BA 2 (+2%) ANF 2.3 (+7%) F 0.76 (+4%) AMZN 15 (+4%) VXX 3 (+7%) YHOO 2.17 (+5%) WYNN 3 (+2%) HAL 0.25 (+1%) AUY 0.6 (+7%) ROSG 0.95 (+30%) SINA -6.24 (-7%) TWTR 12 (+17%) ABIO 0.67 (+43%) CCXI 1 (+19%) TWGP 0.72 (+29%) TWTR 2.5 (+3%) NEWL 0.3 (+17%) WPRT -1.25 (-6%) ECTE 0.58 (+21%) FB 4.11 (+9%) CELG -15.66 (-10%)

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Trades Galore: You Have NEVER Seen Market Action Like This!

Posted by Gareth Soloway Saturday, February 10, 2018, 06:00PM ET

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Over 50% In Options Trading Profits Banked Today! (UPDATED, MORE PROFITS!)

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Just as the title says... the Options trades in the Options Alerts are simply killing it! 



Just yesterday we showed you how members are earning their biggest profits ever and more to come in this post. Now this morning, the action continues with these two options trades closed out in the Options alerts...



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Trading The Choppy Market: NVDA, EXPE, ATVI ZG & More In Play

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Friday, February 09, 2018, 09:02AM ET

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TRACK RECORD: Biggest Profits Ever, Verified! See It Here...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Thursday, February 08, 2018, 02:50PM ET

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What an amazing start to the new year this has been! Profits are flowing fast and we are certain that 2018 is going to be one of the best for our members, out of the past 10 years! 



The current market environment is where smart traders and investors make millions. There are times in the market when you need to sit back and have patience, and other times you have to know when to step up and take massive action... the start of this year has been a time to act, and our Pros have done just that. 



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2nd: The Options Alerts!


This service is also geared towards those who have a day job and cannot be at their computer all day, yet still want to take advantage of the multiple day/week swings in OPTIONS! Check out the verified and complete performance track record of every trade Options Alerts members closed out already in 2018 below. Then step inside and get the next trade now, click here.





3rd: The Intra Day Stock Chat!


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As iRobot Corp (IRBT) Collapses, Here Is The Ultimate Target (Yuck!)

Posted by Gareth Soloway Thursday, February 08, 2018, 11:58AM ET

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Shares of iRobot Corporation (NASDAQ:IRBT) are falling after the company did not perform up to Wall Street's expectations. This fall is more like a major collapse with the stock down 30% on the day. On a technical basis, iRobot Corp broke the pivot lows from October and December 2017. This is extremely bearish for the stock as it means the next leg lower has started. Based on the technical weakness in the market and the pivot low break, I am looking for an ultimate major target of $44.00. With the stock currently near $60, it means there is likely quite of bit of downside to go, even another 30%+. However, if we are entering a bear market, that is not even a hard thing to achieve on most high flying tech stocks. I will be looking to accumulate at $44.00.


DAY TRADING: This Is How You Earn Huge Profits.


DAY TRADING: This Is How You Earn Huge Profits...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Thursday, February 08, 2018, 11:45AM ET

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Ok traders! If you are missing out on the day trading action going on right now then you are leaving money on the table. Let us show you exactly what is happening in our live day trading room, the Intra Day Stock Chat now...



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"Gareth: Before ITMS, when the market dropped as it did, I would easily panic, and sell-sell-sell, without consideration. After trading with ITMS for the last two years and listening daily to you and Nick read the charts and pinpoint buy and sell targets, that fear is now minimal. I have the methodology and the Chat Room to thank for that. My stock market confidence level and skill set increases everyday. I definitely appreciate the profits on GBTC, VERI, and RIOT yesterday."

Charles F.



"Double dip on MCHP, Nice! Thanks G! Another great morning, THanks G-man! God bless you and the family! I hope that baby girl is doing great! Thx"

Martin C.



"I grabbed 45 cents on that MCHP got out at 80.20. Pretty damn good morning/week!"

Anthony F.



"I'm so glad I found this chat room! You guys do great work, can't give enough praise!"

Kevin A.



"3300 profit today, this is turning into my most profitable week ever. Truly thankful"

Derek S.



"huge week of profits, thank you so much Gareth!"

Brian P.



Whatever you do, before you trade another stock... trade with the Pros!



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This Trade Level Is Where Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) Can Take Off

Posted by Nick Santiago Thursday, February 08, 2018, 11:27AM ET

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As you all know, most of the leading airline stocks have been coming under pressure recently. The leading airline stock in the industry group is Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL). This stock topped out on January 16, 2018 at $60.79 a share. Since that high in the stock the shares have rolled over sharply. Today, DAL stock is trading lower by $1.48 to $52.37 a share. Traders now understand that the major market indexes are in correction mode, so it is prudent to look lower for major trade levels. The $48.50 area is a level that really stands out to me. This area was where the stock bottomed in November 2017. Often, when stocks retrace back to a major support level they will usually be defended by the institutional money. I will be looking to buy DAL stock around the 48.50 area.   




Nick Santiago


Roller Coaster Markets: TWTR, TSLA, YELP & More In Play

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Thursday, February 08, 2018, 09:00AM ET

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Oil Correcting, Here Is The Target

Posted by Gareth Soloway Wednesday, February 07, 2018, 12:36PM ET

Read 642 times

Oil took a beating today, falling 3% after inventory data showed a surprise build. In all fairness, oil was extremely overbought and due for a correction. Let's not forget, the U.S. keeps pumping more and more oil as the price has gone up and the global output remains higher even with OPEC's attempt to curb supply. Ultimately, expect a correction in oil to the $59 level of support. Note the commodity chart below.


Holy $hit: See How These Investors Made 20K On Small Shares Size In 24 Hours

Posted by Gareth Soloway Wednesday, February 07, 2018, 12:24PM ET

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