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3 Stock Trade Setups To Blow Your Mind

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NIO Bear Wedge Signals A Drop To This Level

Shares of NIO Inc (NIO) are flat today but down sharply from the recent highs. The stock is trading just above $36.00/share, down from over $65.00/share. Based on the technical chart setup, there is a bearish wedge formation that signals further downside in the coming weeks. Ultimately, the technical analysis shows major support at a … Read more

The Semiconductors ETF (SMH) Is Struggling, This ETF Holds The Keys To The Market

This morning, the popular Vaneck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) is declining by 2.70% to $245.45 a share. On April 5, 2021 the SMH traded up to it’s all time high from February 2021. The popular ETF was putting in a nice looking bullish consolidation pattern after hitting the double top formation. This consolidation pattern will … Read more


$NIO Bear Wedge Signals A Drop To This Level...


$SPY on track to hit $420 on 4/20. Perhaps the pivot HIGH? Perhaps a TOKEn level for investors to watch. @davidlin_TV @GuyAdami @CNBCFastMoney #Investing #StockTrading #Stocks #Crypto

Watch This Video I Just Did: Just like my #Bitcoin alert for huge upside in early 2020, this should be remembered. Once the breakout occurs, insane upside on the #Shanghai. #Investing #Trading #Breakout #StockTrading #StockMarket #China $BABA $BIDU $VIPS $IQ $GSX $TME.

#SwingTrade level on $SFIX. Amazing to think this was over $110.00 just a few months ago. I will be waiting patiently for this level. #Investing #Trading #TradeAlert #StockInvesting #StockMarket #LearnToTrade


This is another session wher the markets are starting off weak with energy $XLE, financials $XLF negative. There is still no meaningful volume or fear out here. So support levels can be still be bought until then.

📣 New Podcast! "More Bad News To Follow - Nick Santiago 4-19-21 #248a" on @Spreaker https://www.spreaker.com/user/appeal2/nick-248_1?autoplay=1

The semiconductors $SMH are really struggling today despite the huge chip shortage that we keep hearing about. Check out my post on what this could mean going forward.

Markets $SPY $QQQ $DIA $IWM are under some mild pressure to start the day, but volume is light so far. Earnings season kicks into full gear this week, so that is where the focus will be after today.

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i cant start my day with anyone other than you guys! tripled my account inside of a year, so why would i trade with anyone else? lol Thanks!

Chris Bower

Live Day Trading Room

Verified Investing Alerts is where you go to grow your account aggressively. Gareth is the best trader I have ever seen. I learn and profit everyday!

Al G

Verified Investing Alerts

Awesome cycles webinar. Surpassed my expectations. You did such a great job Nick, thank you very much


Advanced Cycles


Nick: I went through the methodology charts again over the weekend. It’s the 4th time. I also read my notes from your comments during the presentation. I find there is so much great information in that presentation that I learn something new each time I review the charts. And when you use one of these techniques in the Chat Room, I pull up the chart and review it again. Thanks so much

Charles F

Methodology Revealed

Nick I want to thank you for yesterday’s class on gap training. I have to admit I felt like a caveman seeing fire for the first time seeing that I’m new to this. But after watching the video twice last night I ended up having a great morning with more understanding and some portly a nice profit. Thank you have a good afternoon.

Stephen B

Elite Gap Training

Took a /ES trade at the 1600 tick 50 period ma on confirmation. This stuff works! A 11 tick trade into the stop at the descending 200 period ma that aligned with the 20 period ma of the 10 min chart. For those that have not taken Gareth’s course; you need to.


Elite Keys to Unlimited Success


Master Trader Tip Of The Month

The key to a great trade is trying to convince yourself NOT to buy it. If you search high and low and cannot find one problem with the stock or chart, then perhaps you found a gem. Average investors look for reasons TO buy a stock, they find one minor positive, and to go in heavy, usually losing.