Bull Markets Make Everyone Look Like A Genius

Every experienced trader knows that a bull market is much easier to trade than a bear market. In fact, in a strong bull market a trader can actually have a bad entry or even be out of the money on a trade and eventually the trader will get bailed out by the market trend.…

Roper Technologies Inc (ROP) Breaks Key Support, Watch This Level

Today, leading manufacturer of energy systems controls, scientific/industrial imaging software and industrial products company, Roper Technologies Inc (ROP), is falling again. The stock has been steadily declining since mid-January when it traded as high as $439.57 a share. The stock is now trading below it’s important 50 and 200-day moving averages.…

Hourly SPY Head & Shoulders Triggered

While today’s morning chart pattern in the SPDR S&P 500 trust (SPY) looks just like yesterday’s action there is a difference. Today, a 60-minute Head & Shoulder pattern triggered with a target down to $384.50. Should we see an hourly chart close above $390.00 (neckline) then that pattern is a failure.

Walmart (WMT) Falls After Earnings, Here’s The Trade

This morning,leading retail giant, Walmart Inc (WMT), is declining sharply after reporting earnings. Obviously, Wall Street was not impressed with the numbers as the stock is trading lower by 5.8% to $138.56 a share. Traders should note that Walmart Inc (WMT) shares are now trading below the important 50-day moving average.

When The Markets Talk Traders Better Listen

Since late October 2020, the major stocks indexes have rallied significantly higher. Industry groups such as the financial stocks (XLF) and the energy sector (XLE) have participated in the run up over the past 4 months with the major stock indexes.…

Beware Of Parabolic Moves

At this time, there are many parabolic charts in the market. A parabolic chart is when an equity basically goes straight up in a 70 to 80 degree angle on the chart. It seems that the stocks and sectors that are straight up in parabolic fashion are increasing at this time.…