Hidden Gem Report: Intercept Pharma Ready To Explode

Shares of Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc (ICPT) are a Hidden Gem. This biotech company is flying under the radar and could see easily 100% upside in the near-term based on both fundamental and technical signals. Below I will lay out my case for why Intercept Pharma could go to $35 or even $40 per share in the next 6 months.

  1. Intercept Pharma has a market cap of $580 million while the company has $411 million in cash. In addition, the company will do almost $350 million in revenue in 2021. If you take out the cash, investors are valuing Intercept Pharma’s business at only $170 million, a company that will do nearly $350 million in revenue this year.
  2. Intercept Pharma beat earnings and revenue estimates in their latest quarter. The stock is performing/growing nicely. Next year it could do as much as $400 million in revenue.
  3. The drug pipeline for Intercept Pharma is intriguing.
  4. Intercept Pharma has 27% of the float short. This sets up for a HUGE short squeeze on any good news or if the Reddit crowd just wants to run it.
  5. The technical stock chart has a beautiful bullish flag pattern over the last week. This implies a big move could be just days away.
  6. A trend line extending from December 2019 to May 2020 and January 2021 clearly shows price having broken above it. This signals a break of resistance

Overall, Intercept Pharma is a Hidden Gem that investors should take a look at. Considering valuation, growth and the technical charts, Intercept Pharma has strong signals a major up-move is on the horizon. Investors should definitely take note.

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