Secrets To Mastering Fibonacci


#1: Secrets To Mastering Fibonacci

***  Monday February 28th, 2022. 7pm ET  ***




Learn all of the best Fibonacci retrace levels for trading the markets including the Golden Ratio.


* Discover when a Fibonacci level is major or minor chart support. This is one of the biggest mistakes that traders make by not knowing the strength of the level. This will help to increase the odds of finding a winning trade setup.


* Find out how to use Fibonacci levels for day trading, swing trading or long-term position trading. This priceless technique can be used on all timeframes.


* Learn how to put it together with other major chart factors to create a high success trade setup. This is worth the price of admission alone when you learn how to stack the odds in your favor to find a winning trade level.



How to use Fibonacci Time for market turning points. This powerful tool and technique will help keep you on guard against the sudden turns and twists that take place in the market on all timeframes. Nick has never taught this technique before but is going to teach it during this course!



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