Find Out How To Get Gareth’s Exact Charts on Your Screen!!

Did you know that you can now look at Gareth’s exact charts on your own screens? 


Today we are very excited to announce that Gareth has just launched his public TradingView account! 


By following Gareth’s TradingView account, not only will you get to view exactly which charts he is looking at on a daily basis, but you will also gain access to the exact same set-ups that he creates and analyzes every day!


No more zooming in on YouTube videos, or struggling to recreate his charts on your own screen. Simply follow Gareth on TradingView here to utilize his valuable charts!!


To gain a better sense of what his daily posts will look like, check out his TradingView post from today below..

We hope that you are excited as we are about this news, and can’t wait to interact with you over on TradingView!!