The Most Common Mistakes That Traders Make – How to Make Sure That YOU DON’T!


Gareth joins @kitco for an interview in which he discusses many fundamental aspect of being a trader. In this short clip from the interview, Gareth talks about the “common mistakes” that most traders to make, and how YOU can work to avoid making those same mistakes…


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More Places to Watch Gareth – New Weekly LIVE Show!

As we make it to the mid week point, there is a lot going on in the market as we speak. 

With FED Chair Jerome Powell’s announcement of a quarter point rate hike last week, and the CPI data being released today, there is a lot of speculation as to what to expect next.…

NVDA Chart Analysis: What Next for NVIDIA?!

NVDA into Strong Resistance Zones… What Next? by GarethSolowayOfficial on

Happy Friday Everybody!

As we wrap up this action packed week, Gareth provided this chart for NVDA headed into next week.…

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