$INTC Major Support Hit

$INTC hitting major support from 2012, 2015 and 2016. Nice oversold chart with time count. Good level at $28 for a strong bounce, in my opinion. Potential turn around story.  Note the chart below…



Gareth will continue to keep members of his flagship service for swing trading stocks, the Verified Investing Alerts, ahead of the market action, on the right side.

Block Buy Alert: GSK Big Money Moves

734,953 shares in one block on $GSK at $31.20. Worth noting considering the oversold chart + 7%+ dividend.  This means someone bought 25m GSK here. Pretty decent size. If you go on the assumption that big money knows what they are doing, you want to follow it.

The Fed Is Pushing Economy This Way…

Still VERY possible to see the pre-Covid $SPX highs at 3,390 before year end. If not, high probability in first quarter 2023. Fed pushing economy towards a recession it won’t be able to get us out of, as inflation will remain sticky at 4-5% longer-term.