Buy Signals On Airline Stocks But High Risk

There may be a glimmer near-term as buy signals on airline stocks show up. Stocks like Spirit Airlines Inc (SAVE), American Airlines (AAL) and Delta Airlines (DAL) all are hitting key technical levels. Delta and Spirit Airlines both filled major gaps on a classic retrace of their recent bounce. In addition, all airlines have major technical time counts hitting today. Time counts are cycle related and potentially signal a reversal, in this case back up. It is important to mention, these are all extremely high risk. The sector is moving on average 10% a day and it is possible for these factors to fail.

I am long some airlines today and will look to see if a pop comes in early next week. I am not looking to marry these stocks, just a quick swing trade. The buy signals on airline stocks does excite me and got me to accumulate small positions today.

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