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FB 4 (+5%) Z 9.76 (+10%) SCTY 5.25 (+11%) DD 2.65 (+4%) DVN -4.5 (-7%) TAN 4 (+12%) FEYE 4.2 (+17%) PEIX 2.2 (+23%) IBB 12 (+4%) QQQ 5.5 (+6%) SPY 9 (+5%) NTAP 2.51 (+6%) BIDU 12.54 (+6%) IYT 6.4 (+4%) SGG 2.33 (+5%) Options: MCP 0.23 (+57%) PSX -3.91 (-5%) BIDU 10 (+5%) SMH 1.82 (+4%) SYMC 1.13 (+5%) URBN 2.28 (+5%) Options: SWN 0.22 (+22%) SDRL -3.39 (-11%) CORN -3.02 (-11%) TMUS 1.23 (+4%) SWN -3.76 (-9%) SINA 0.25 (+1%) NUS 3 (+7%) CLF 1.31 (+9%) DNDN 0.22 (+16%) LUV -3.3 (-11%) CGA 0.6 (+20%) S 0.52 (+9%) X 2.45 (+6%) PHO 1.25 (+5%) FXE -2.95 (-2%) VXX 0.57 (+2%) YHOO 2.05 (+6%) DIS -6.2 (-7%) VXX 2.1 (+7%) SINA 2.4 (+4%) EWG 0.94 (+3%) BRK.B -5.1 (-4%) SPY 0.56 (+1%) Options: WFM 0.41 (+16%) EWC 1 (+3%) HIMX 0.57 (+9%) CVX 1.55 (+1%) UNG 0.07 (0%) Options: HPQ 0.3 (+34%) MMM 2.2 (+2%) FXC 0.6 (+1%) TBT -4.92 (-8%) IYT 4.3 (+2%) USO 0.62 (+1%) AXP -3.37 (-3%) CMG -77.75 (-13%) QCOM 3.55 (+4%) ORLY 3.9 (+3%) KO -1.74 (-4%) SNDK 10.65 (+10%) MA 3.42 (+5%) IBB 11.5 (+4%) CSCO 0.22 (+1%) RDY 3.36 (+8%) HDGE -0.57 (-5%) DD 2.4 (+4%) Options: CVX 0.18 (+12%) MU 0.8 (+2%) INTC -1.99 (-7%) VXX -5.5 (-15%) CLF 0.34 (+2%) FB -6.34 (-11%) TJX 0.78 (+1%) BA 4.9 (+4%) Options: IYT 0.4 (+26%) Options: DAL 1.05 (+100%) IYT -8.9 (-6%) CVX 2.2 (+2%) GE -0.48 (-2%) TWTR 2 (+6%) UNH 3.24 (+4%) TSN 2.2 (+5%) IWM 6.3 (+5%) WHR 8 (+5%) VXX -4.05 (-10%) FEYE -9.35 (-26%) CRM 2.64 (+5%) DANG 1.05 (+10%) WFM 0.51 (+1%) QCOM 4.35 (+5%) IBB 22 (+10%) NFLX 22 (+7%) SH 0.27 (+1%) IWM 5.35 (+5%) RIG 0.63 (+2%) MOS 0.77 (+2%) VXX 2.3 (+6%) NFLX 16.4 (+5%) GLD 1.75 (+1%) COG 1.07 (+2%) LNKD 17 (+11%) P 2.35 (+9%) VXX 2.2 (+5%) DDD 4.67 (+8%) FDX 2.46 (+2%) YHOO 3.6 (+9%) ADBE 2.62 (+4%) WDC -7.75 (-9%) PCLN 51 (+4%) FB 5.65 (+8%) AUY -1.34 (-13%) JJC 0.56 (+1%) SPY 1.6 (+1%) USO 0.37 (+1%) JO 3 (+8%) PCLN 42 (+3%) GILD 7.5 (+9%) PLUG 0.6 (+10%) PRGO -13.3 (-9%) VXX 2.4 (+5%) CORN 1.75 (+6%) BBBY 2.53 (+4%) TGT 0.00 (0%) HAL 0.4 (+1%) FCX 0.66 (+2%) MCP 0.32 (+7%) SINA 3 (+5%) PBR 0.56 (+5%) BA 5 (+4%) JCP -1.35 (-21%) PCLN 25 (+2%) BA 2 (+2%) ANF 2.3 (+7%) F 0.76 (+4%) AMZN 15 (+4%) VXX 3 (+7%) YHOO 2.17 (+5%) WYNN 3 (+2%) HAL 0.25 (+1%) AUY 0.6 (+7%) ROSG 0.95 (+30%) SINA -6.24 (-7%) TWTR 12 (+17%) ABIO 0.67 (+43%) CCXI 1 (+19%) TWGP 0.72 (+29%) TWTR 2.5 (+3%) NEWL 0.3 (+17%) WPRT -1.25 (-6%) ECTE 0.58 (+21%) FB 4.11 (+9%) CELG -15.66 (-10%)

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3 Trade Setups, 3 Time Frames Scream 'Profit!'

Posted by Gareth Soloway Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 02:18PM ET

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There Is Reefer Madness Going On, Here's The Trade

Posted by Nick Santiago Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 12:10PM ET

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The marijuana industry has been on fire lately. Politicians seem to be pushing more proposals to make recreational marijuana legal. Large companies such as Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) and Altria (NYSE:MO) have made large investments in marijuana companies such as Cronos Group (NASDAQ:CRON) and Canopy Growth (NYSAE:CGC).

Canopy Growth (NYSAE:CGC) is the one marijuana stock that is now on my radar. The stock topped out in October at $59.25 a share. Since that pivot high, the shares have fallen sharply and now trade around $32.80 a share. I will be watching the $26.00 level closely for a possible long side trade. This is where the stock broke out in August 2018 and it should be a level that is defended by the institutional crowd if retested.


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Nick Santiago

Trading The Market Moving Stocks: AEO, PLAY, HAIN, VZ & More

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 09:04AM ET

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Stitch Fix Inc (SFIX) Tags Major Support Level, Buy Triggered

Posted by Gareth Soloway Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 01:47PM ET

Read 183 times

Shares of Stitch Fix Inc (SFIX) collapsed over 25% today on the back of poor earnings/guidance. The stock now finds itself trading below $20, down from a 52 week high of $52.50. While it appears to be doom and gloom there is some major light for technical traders. Stitch Fix tagged a major pivot low from June 2018 at $18.40 today. This pivot low signals a likely flush out of weak hands and the bounce signals accumulating by smart money. It would not be far fetched to see Stitch Fix trade back to $25 in the coming months.


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This ETF Just Popped Up On My Long Trade Radar

Posted by Nick Santiago Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 12:12PM ET

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The iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF (NYSEARCA:ITB) has been under sharp selling pressure since peaking in late January 2018. At that time, the equity traded as high as $46.56 a share, today the ITB trades at $30.83 a share. The current pattern on the charts is still weak and this could indicate a bit more downside before a solid low is formed. When I look back on the larger time-frame charts there should be good support around the $28.00 level. This support area is where the ITB consolidated in 2015 and 2016 before breaking out. Often, when an equity will back test a prior consolidation base it will serve as excellent chart support. 


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Nick Santiago

41% Profit, ONE DAY! Even A Monkey Would Get Rich From These Trades...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 10:25AM ET

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S&P Futures Jump On Positive Trade News: GM, F, DSW, SFIX & More In Play

Posted by Nicholas Santiago Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 09:00AM ET

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Day Trade For Profit Live With Our Pros All Year (SAVE $600!)...

Posted by InTheMoneyStocks Monday, December 10, 2018, 04:03PM ET

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That's right traders! If you are ready to make 2019 your best and most profitable ever, we have something special for you.



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Best Sector Buy Alert Into Year End, See It Here

Posted by Gareth Soloway Monday, December 10, 2018, 12:25PM ET

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Trading An EKG Market

Posted by Nick Santiago Monday, December 10, 2018, 11:36AM ET

Read 198 times

Since the October sell off started these markets have seen extreme volatility. This is the complete opposite of what we saw in 2017 when the major stock indexes rallied straight up without a single 1.0 percent pullback session. These days, the markets can trade 1.0 percent or more within a few hours or less. As traders, we now have to adjust to the new environment of much higher volatility.

There are so many things causing these volatile markets. First, there is the Federal Reserve and the higher fed funds rate. The central bank has continued to raise interest rates as the U.S. economy started to strengthen, but that could be on pause soon after the next rate hike due on December 19, 2018. Second, there is the U.S. / China trade war. Yes, this is a trade war and it is still playing out right now. Markets are tired of the mixed messages and seem to be selling until there is a solid resolution. Third, the European problems continue to remain unresolved as BREXIT and the Italian budget issues remain front page news. Forth, there is the Robert Mueller investigation over Russian collusion and the Trump administration. Fifth, the democrats won the House of Representatives in the mid-term elections. This could lead to more investigations for President Trump in 2019. Six, the falling stock price in Deutche Bank (NYSE:BD) is signaling real trouble for the banking giant and maybe others around the world. Seven, the collapse of General Electric (NYSE:GE). This once iconic company is now a single digit equity trading under $7.00 a share. This hurts market sentiment as many investors had GE in their portfolios. There are also many other issues that seem to be pouring in from many other places.

Technical trading is now back in full force as people are now abandoning the fundamental picture. So here is the current technical outlook. The S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY) tested the $280.00 area on November 8th and December 3rd. From that technical resistance level the SPY has sold off and is currently breaking below its October 29th low today. There are two more pivot support levels that are now in play and they are the April 2018 lows at $254.67 and the February 2018 lows at $252.92. Most technical traders are watching to see if the institutional money will try and defend these key support levels. At this stage of the correction, traders must simply take it one day at a time. Traders must now also watch for high volume reversal days, that can sometimes signal a meaningful turning point and a possible bid for stocks. This is just one of many things to watch for when trading an EKG market.


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Nick Santiago

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