Goldman Sachs Stock Chart Analysis: See The Level

Shares of Goldman Sachs (GS) are pausing today after recent big gains. The Goldman Sachs stock chart analysis shows investors there is a key trend line that goes from the pivot top in March 2018 to the pivot top in January 2020. If you draw that line out, current price is tagging that resistance line now. This explains why Goldman Sachs is struggling here and may pull back in the near term. Having said that, it is likely it is just a pull back before further upside as interest rates will likely break through 1% on the 10 year. Banks respond well to a rising interest rate environment. Considering Goldman Sachs also does a lot of trading and the market volatility has been elevated and will likely remain so, Goldman Sachs stock could easily breakout in January 2021 and head for the $275.00 level. Note the Goldman Sachs stock chart analysis below.

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