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Summary for Advanced Cycles
Average Score: 4.88 (4 ratings)
Blow your mind

Nick will blow your mind with what he teaches in this course. The cycle work is a bit more for the advanced trader, you def should learn from their methodology before taking this course. But once you do, i promise you, it will place you on a wave length that few traders ever reach. This is for those serious about making money out there! Thank you so much, Nick!


Pat B.

Just Pure Amazing

I need to leave a review for inthemoneystocks. These guys have figured out the markets, why isn’t everyone doing this kind of technical analysis? It just works.

Best Cycle Webinar...

Nick is a great teacher. I never thought I could comprehend cycle analysis. Then I took this webinar and it blew me away. I can pinpoint a coming cycle from a mile away!

Mastering Cycle Analysis

Awesome cycles webinar. Surpassed my expectations. You did such a great job Nick, thank you very much.

Summary for Apprentice Trading Library
Average Score: 4.83 (3 ratings)
Awesome Library Of Lessons

I have only been trading/investing for 2 years. I knew nothing. However, after signing up for the Apprentice Trading Library I now can say WOW. Great asset and any newbie who doesn’t utilize this vast knowledge center is nuts!


Always Be Learning…Smart investors keep learning and keep going over lessons. This is how you become a profitable trader. The Apprentice Trading Library is a big asset to any investor. Wise up and try it. Have your mind blown!

Nick & Gareth

These two are the real deal. Been with them for 2 years and love every aspect of their services. Great winning trades, education and they are just cool guys. Every new member should take the Apprentice Trading Library. In fact, I have gotten it 3 times in 2 years to refresh myself. My favorite lesson is the Three Day Rule and Candlestick Patterns. So helpful!

Summary for Bullseye Option Alerts
Average Score: 4.95 (21 ratings)
Keep It Up!

Nick, great job on the EXPE and CCL options. I was not sure if they were going to workout, but just about every option you do makes money. Thank you and keep it up!

I Cannot Believe It

Nick, I cannot believe it, the EXPE option paid us like you said it would. That was amazing, I also owned the stock with you at $94.73. That was an amzing level. I still cannot believe it! Thank you so much.


What A Service!

Thank you so much for OIH and MCD options. I’ll take 50% in 2 days anytime. We even have two more options in the money now. What a service! Thank you again!

Just Amazing!

Nick, UPS yesterday for 21% and now PFE 25% today. I’m loving this. Thank you.

Thanks Again

Nick: Busy but wanted to tell you thanks for the UPS options. Out with 20.5% in less than 2 days.

Beyond the best!

I have been following Nick for years. I am constantly impressed by his knowledge on the market. I feel so blessed to find his service, he is not only a master trader, but also a great person with integrity and care. That is very important because he is just like a teacher for me, continue to encourage me and guide me in my trading. May God bless him and his work so we can learn from him for as long as we can! Come join this big family, you will not regret!

Nick, Just Incredible!

Nick, you are on an incredible streak. You have 9 winning options in a row. Yesterday’s HPQ call option play was making me nervous since it was downgraded by Goldman, but you scored again with a 27.7 % gain in one day. Incredible!

Thank you Thank You

Thank you Nick. Thank you!

This week's action was excellent!

Dear Nick, I like new concept of ITMS. I am in both your services. This week action was excellent!

Another Winner!

Nick, amazing job on KSS. I never had a 50% winner before. That was a lot of fun to watch!!

Insane Week Of Profits

Nick, that was absolutely incredible. Your options trades were insane. I wouldn’t believe it if I had not been a part of it. Thank you so much!

Nice Payday

Nick, nice payday. Thank you for everything!

What A Week!

Nick: Great profits this week. Thank you so much.

Making It

hey all, this is my first review every on any website. so i started trading a few months back with the reference of my friend Brian. He Referred me to Join Bullseye trading which is a new experience for me in trading but with the help of their knowledge and trade signals i have made my way in trading with a small budget and earned a decent amount.

Great Service

I am lucky to have seen this service, it is really accurate and the best choice for trading options. nice work.

Three Weeks Later

In just 3 weeks, I now know why the masses always stampede at the wrong time as I was one of them until recently. After reading several issues and going over the suggested study material, it became easier to form a plan. I am moving slowly, but so far, I am happy to have three positions that are all showing gains, despite this insane market action.

Pete Lowrey

I’ve been dabbling with different types of investing for years, Mostly Forex and some Options stuff though. I took one of inthemoneys’ course back in 2017 and since joined their other services not JUST for the stock picks, but so I could learn more about how they’ve become so successful.

Will Never Stop Following Nick's Trades

I have been following Nick’s trades and analysis since I saw his youtube videos. I was skeptical but decided to study and follow his analysis. It has been profitable. His trades and seminars are direct to the point, no time wasted and have been incredibly accurate .

Thank You

I wanted to personally reach out and thank you for all of the work you do for on this service. The sheer amount of work you put in to finding and alerting to these options calls are nothing short of amazing. You have been incredibly accommodating and understanding and are a pleasure to listen to.

I highly recommend this service to all who are truly dedicated to succeed in trading.

The 3 dimensions that I have found the most beneficial:

1) Psychology and the tricks that make 95% fail at this game

2) Proper risk management and position sizes clearly stated

3) Entry, exit and stop loss very well defined in terms of risk

Great Find

This site was recommended to me by a fellow stock trader as a place to pick up serious insight and techniques on how to trade stock options without losing your shirt. Fundamental trading in stocks is actually fairly easy but trading options is a an activity where you can lose everything pretty quickly if you’re even in the least unsure about what you’re doing. Bullseye trading, though, can help give you a qualitative leg up when it comes to getting into options trading and then maybe, succeeding at it. The site seems to be a genuine find.

Summary for Bullseye Trading
Average Score: 5 (22 ratings)
I Appreciate Everything

Nick, I appreciate the UNG trade and everything you do for us.

Thank You Again

Nick you amaze me everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for what you do.

Hi Nick,

I am writing to you once again to thank you for what you do.
Your courses both in person and online, the daily market reports, even the quotes you put under the video have been an incredible source of learning and inspiration. The trading rules you listed on your Bullseye page are excellent, the 5 simple rules you recently posted are so congruent with the way my family and I live it really resonated with me.
This morning (Australia time) I put an order on for the UNG trade before the market closed and didn’t get filled. This sometimes happens and while it is frustrating I live where it is challenging and overall I do follow you on most trades, some even a better fill price than your alerts. Anyway after reviewing my trading year since travelling to Tampa my trading account has grown by 15%. Thank you for guidance.
All of this has helped me on so many levels and to put it as simple as possible would be it has brought myself into correct alignment and I thank you for being part of that.
Warm Regards
Andrew Lewis

Hi Nick!

Just wanted to say.  WOW!  Expedia!!   Thank you!   I was able to get out and 107.89.  $13 a share gain.
Thank you for that monster trade.
Just had to drop an email and thank you!
Just Another Bullseye

Nick, Great Job on EXPE. Just another Bullseye!

Thank You For EXPE

Thank you for EXPE. You gave me the confidence to double down at $93.50. Made almost 60K :))


Nick, the Gann work you do is absolutely incredible. You said EXPE had a Gann level around $94 and you nailed it. I admit I was so scared to get into that trade and it is now one of my biggest winners every. Thank You

Keep It Up!

Nick, thank you so much. You guide me just perfectly every step of the way. I cannot believe all of the winners that you generate time after time. Keep it up!

I'm Loving the New Services More and More!

Nick, I’m loving the new services more and more. The best thing ever!

Great Job

Nick, You are calling this market every step of the way.  Thank you for everything!

Thank You!
Nick, Thanks for all your teachings…………sincerly appreciate all your inputs! Thank you!
Just Wanted To Say Thank You!

Hey Nick!

Thanks for the TBT trade! OIH Calls, and SLB!  Very nice winners!  Loving this move on DRI!!! No real specific questions on any stocks.  Just wanted to say thank you!
The Bullseye Trading Report Alone Is Worth The Price

The Bullseye Trading report along is worth all of the subscription fees if you ask me. I am subscribed to all 4 services and it is a great benefit.

More Amazing Gains!

Nick, Thank you for the SLB and the OIH trades, amazing gains!


I'm Loving Your Service More and More!

Nick, I’m loving your new services more and more! Thank you

What A Move On UNG!

Nick, what a move on UNG! You nailed it man. I love the two day trade for 4.09% gain. Thank you.

Love Your Trades

Nick, so far I love all your trades. Keep up the good work.

Awesome PRU Trade

What a trade on PRU, that was just beautiful. No stress and 9% in no time at all.

My Thoughts On Bullseye Trading

Nick, thanks for all the profits on SDS and all the other winners.

Spot On

The daily explanations of when to expect moves or what is causing these gyrations has been spot on. Still learning. Thank you!

I Love The Additional Education

I love the additional education that you have been providing in the nightly reports.

Great Week

Nick, great week. Thank you.

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