LIVE WEBINAR: The Rule Book For Entering A Profitable Trade!




This course will be taught to you live by our Chief Market Strategist, Nick Santiago. One of the most important and possibly overlooked aspects of trading is how you enter a trade.  The REAL Pros and smart money know how to do this in a way that the average trader has NO CLUE about! In this course, Nick will teach you his EXACT methods which he has used over the past 2 DECADES to profit – these are his inside secrets revealed to everyone in the webinar!


Entering your trade is the first step you take when looking to make money… TAKE THE BEST FIRST STEP and follow through! Learn the simply strategy Nick will teach in this course and make your path to profits a much easier ride!



If you have known our Pros for any part of the past 13 years they have been running InTheMoneyStocks, you know their mission is to help their members profit. But not just by giving them winning trades. Our Pros mission is to enable EVERY member to profit on their own, for life! That is why Nick decided to offer all of those who are serious about controlling their financial future with this one amazing, game changing live webinar!



Master The Rules For Entering A Profitable Trade!

Here Is Some Of The Topics To Be Revealed…


Take The Trade & Profit!

Why do you want to take this trade? Nick Santiago will show you his personal checklist for entering a trade like a true Pro Trader. This checklist will help you find winning trades and keep you from entering losing positions.

Increase Your Winning Odds Right Away!

This one simple strategy will allow you understand and position yourself for the trend before entering any trade. Every trader must follow and understand this strategy before entering a trade.


Take Profits, Consistently!

Find targets and NAIL THEM! One of the most important factors when taking a trade is to know where a stock is going and where to take profits. Nick reveals the techniques he has been using for over 20 years.


Protect Your Profits!

Taking a loss is natural in trading, but most people are clueless about how real Pro Traders do it. Master the keys that will protect you for life; where to place stops, the difference between using mental stop loss and physical stop loss and more.


Learning how to apply time frame analysis to your trading will allow you to nail the best entries on all of your trades!



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September 30th, 2020 at 7pm ET,

Nick will be hosting this class LIVE, virtually in-person webinar.

(THIS IS NOT A RECORDED VIDEO, this is a very rare opportunity where Nick will be teaching this course to you live!)




This is a no brainer! Master a technique which will be taught to you live and increase your profitability right away! Do not miss it!


* This course material is not offered anywhere else on our website. The material is exclusive to this seminar and will never be offered again at this price. The course will be offered for sale on our website once the live event is completed, however, please note, it will be priced at double the current fee as this live seminar is being discounted for members! DO NOT MISS THIS!





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