MASTERY COURSE: Game Changing Tactics Revealed

March 25th at 7pm ET


Here is a taste of the 3 MAJOR topics to be revealed in this live seminar… 


1) Scene of the Crime 

Learn to trade using Nick Santiago’s ‘Scene of the Crime’ trading technique. This was one of Nick’s most powerful pattern discoveries that he has ever made. Almost every swing trade, day trade and even longer term investments that he has made have incorporated this technique. He will even show you how to use money management when using this amazing pattern setup. Just like most of Nick’s trading methods this technique can be used on all time frames with any equity. Learn how to put the odds in your favor every time you take a position and increase the odds of winning in the markets.


2) Institutional Game Playing

Learn the games that the large financial institutions play on the retail trader to take their money. This happens in all markets such as stocks, commodities, forex, indexes and options. Traders and investors will discover when the institutional firms are trying to fool you in different markets. These institutional games happen all the time. Now you can recognize and arm yourself against these institutional giants. Level the playing field and guard yourself against the institutional game playing



3) Mastering Indicators And Oscillators For Easy Trades

Far too often traders/investors get pulled into the hype around indicators and oscillators; clouding their charts and almost always using them incorrectly. While these tools can be an incredible way to increase your probability of winning, you MUST learn how to use them properly. Once you learn how the Pros use these tools the right way you will then discover something so powerful, right on your charts everyday. This topic will take your ability to profit even further. Nick will teach you how to view and use indicators and oscillators on your charts the right way, everyday. You will learn how to find major moves in the markets, stocks, forex, indexes and more. Increase your winning probability instantly with these simple tools. Avoid indicator and oscillators trading traps, use them to your advantage… and more!





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