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Financial freedom is the dream of every investor around the globe. 99.9% of investors know nothing about investing, especially technical chart trading. The proprietary PPT Methodology is one of the most empowering, profit making tools in the world. However, new investors cannot expect to fully understand and embrace the methodology without a solid foundation. That is where the Apprentice Trading Library comes in. New investors need a foundation and basic understanding of charts and rules to begin the journey to financial freedom. The Apprentice Trading Library has 31 videos, with OVER 5 hours of in-depth educational content; all of them with a major tactic, rule or lesson inside.

Learn these and begin your journey to becoming a master trader and investor. Being one of the top investors and traders in the world is within reach, the question is, will you grab it and go?! Stop whining about the markets not being fair or you not having an edge. and the Master Trader’s are here to give you all the tools for success!

Master Trader’s Gareth Soloway & Nicholas Santiago are driven to teach those who dedicate their time to learn. While they could head off into the sunset and just trade their own capital, they feel an obligation to help average investors find financial freedom. Start your journey with the Apprentice Trading Library today. Then begin learning the PPT Methodology to join the top 0.10% of pros in the world.

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30 Day Access To All 31 Videos!

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Take Note Below Of The 31 Videos You Gain Access To In The Apprentice Trading Library

Mountain Trendline Trading Tactic
The Three Day Rule – Learn It & Succeed!
Utilizing The Put Call Ratio For Big Profits
Trading Earnings: Be On The Right Side
Understanding & Profiting From Level 2
How To Profit From The Daily Gap Trade
Managing Losing Positions & Averaging In
You MUST Learn These Money Management Rules
Order Entry: Understanding The Tricks
Profiting From A Major Pivot Point
Utilizing Moving Averages For Max Profiting
Candlestick Patterns: Building Investor Wealth
A Guide To Short Selling Stocks
Understanding How-To Trade Bar Charts
How To Succeed In Option Trading
Trading Topping & Bottoming Tails
Profiting From Reversal & Engulfing Candles
The Scam Of Upgrades & Downgrades
Single & Doubles = Lifelong Profits
Reading Volume To Profit In Trading
Cashing In On The Sympathy Play
The Importance Of Larger Time Frames
What Is Scalp Trading & Day Trading
What Is A “Futures” Contract
Importance Of Market Cap To Investors
The Power Of Capitulation & Distribution
The Key To Successful Swing Trading
The Connection: Bond/Rates & Stocks
Profiting From Media Manipulation
Big Profits: Using Put/Call Ratio
Epic Trading Strategies