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Stock Market Podcast With Nick Santiago!

1. The Weekly Initial Claims 1.314 million vs 1.350 million, the last report was prior revised to 1.413 mln from 1.427 mln. The Weekly Continuing Claims 18.062 million, the prior report was also  revised to 18.760 mln from 19.29 mln. Either way, these numbers are getting better, but still need to improve. This will take more time.

2. Next week is options ex. The Thursday before we’ve been seeing a lot of game playing. Very low put call ratio. Next week is pivotal on July 17, the entire week will see questionable activities. Beaten up stocks may be buys. Apple could get taken down. That’s why you need to give yourself time for options. 2-3 months to avoid squeeze.

3. Gold and silver going higher still. Gold futures are down. Incredible run. Silver is flat. Nick will be watching to see if silver starts catching up and surpassing gold. Silver at $19.25. Gold is 1808.



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