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This may very well be the only time in your life you will have the chance to day trade live with the Pros! While nearly everyone around the world is forced to remain in doors, you are given a chance to do something amazing with your time. Certainly we are not happy to hear of people getting sick and the problems the Corona Virus is causing. However, we are here to help people the way we know best… helping you MAKE MONEY! And right now you have a chance to make the best of it and do something you would not otherwise have the opportunity to do… make money from the great day trading market happening right now!


For the last 13 years you could find our Master Traders, Gareth and Nick, during market hours day trading stocks live with an exclusive group following the action live.




While in the room, you are given the rare opportunity to look over the virtual shoulder of two of the best traders in the world as they buy and sell stocks. You see their charts as they scan and look for trades, hear them over your speakers as they tell you the EXACT price they are buying and selling so that you can do the same. And you can even type in your questions directly to them! UNDERSTAND THIS, our Live Day Trading Room IS THE ONLY PLACE you can day trade along side of REAL Pros as they make money from the markets on a daily basis.


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