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I Appreciate Everything

Nick, I appreciate the UNG trade and everything you do for us.

Thank You Again

Nick you amaze me everyday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you for what you do.

Hi Nick,

I am writing to you once again to thank you for what you do.
Your courses both in person and online, the daily market reports, even the quotes you put under the video have been an incredible source of learning and inspiration. The trading rules you listed on your Bullseye page are excellent, the 5 simple rules you recently posted are so congruent with the way my family and I live it really resonated with me.
This morning (Australia time) I put an order on for the UNG trade before the market closed and didn’t get filled. This sometimes happens and while it is frustrating I live where it is challenging and overall I do follow you on most trades, some even a better fill price than your alerts. Anyway after reviewing my trading year since travelling to Tampa my trading account has grown by 15%. Thank you for guidance.
All of this has helped me on so many levels and to put it as simple as possible would be it has brought myself into correct alignment and I thank you for being part of that.
Warm Regards
Andrew Lewis

Hi Nick!

Just wanted to say.  WOW!  Expedia!!   Thank you!   I was able to get out and 107.89.  $13 a share gain.
Thank you for that monster trade.
Just had to drop an email and thank you!
Just Another Bullseye

Nick, Great Job on EXPE. Just another Bullseye!

Thank You For EXPE

Thank you for EXPE. You gave me the confidence to double down at $93.50. Made almost 60K :))


Nick, the Gann work you do is absolutely incredible. You said EXPE had a Gann level around $94 and you nailed it. I admit I was so scared to get into that trade and it is now one of my biggest winners every. Thank You

Keep It Up!

Nick, thank you so much. You guide me just perfectly every step of the way. I cannot believe all of the winners that you generate time after time. Keep it up!

I'm Loving the New Services More and More!

Nick, I’m loving the new services more and more. The best thing ever!

Great Job

Nick, You are calling this market every step of the way.  Thank you for everything!

Thank You!
Nick, Thanks for all your teachings…………sincerly appreciate all your inputs! Thank you!
Just Wanted To Say Thank You!

Hey Nick!

Thanks for the TBT trade! OIH Calls, and SLB!  Very nice winners!  Loving this move on DRI!!! No real specific questions on any stocks.  Just wanted to say thank you!
The Bullseye Trading Report Alone Is Worth The Price

The Bullseye Trading report along is worth all of the subscription fees if you ask me. I am subscribed to all 4 services and it is a great benefit.

More Amazing Gains!

Nick, Thank you for the SLB and the OIH trades, amazing gains!


I'm Loving Your Service More and More!

Nick, I’m loving your new services more and more! Thank you

What A Move On UNG!

Nick, what a move on UNG! You nailed it man. I love the two day trade for 4.09% gain. Thank you.

Love Your Trades

Nick, so far I love all your trades. Keep up the good work.

Awesome PRU Trade

What a trade on PRU, that was just beautiful. No stress and 9% in no time at all.

My Thoughts On Bullseye Trading

Nick, thanks for all the profits on SDS and all the other winners.

Spot On

The daily explanations of when to expect moves or what is causing these gyrations has been spot on. Still learning. Thank you!

I Love The Additional Education

I love the additional education that you have been providing in the nightly reports.

Great Week

Nick, great week. Thank you.

I Love The Cycle Work

Its kind of amazing that you pointed to numerous cycles as a turning point around the Equinox. I never heard of the Elias cycle, that is incredible. Then the you said a daily chart close below the 27th of September would cause accelerated downside and the Dow Jones falls by over 1000 points. Amazing!

Great Profits

Hi Nick, Thanks for the great profits today!

Pays for Itself

I have been a very satisfied subscriber for about 3 years now (with a brief period in which I was not a member for reasons not related to the quality of the service). The overall experience is very positive and (if you follow the trades carefully and can understand very basic concepts) the annual subscription price pays for itself very easily.

Awesome PRU Trade

What a trade on PRU! Almost 10% in no time. I love it, no stress.

Great service to find stocks that are in play

Nick’s trading strategy is a unique blend of technical and Time frame work for trading. I was able to take this and create a profitable strategy which worked for me. 2017 was my first major profitable year, I made a little over $110,000. It is currently 2019, I still actively communicate with these guys. I wanted to write this review for the persistent person, if your someone who is willing to work at your craft year after year, you will find success with Nick Santiago as I have. Currently, I work a full time job and I trade for myself and use the profits to buy rental properties. I started this journey wanting to make 7 figures a year, and I currently have a road map thanks to excellent foundations, thanks to Nick and in the money stocks. Good Luck everyone on your own journey.

Realest Real Review

I made money with Nick but did not always fully understand why he took  some of the trades he did, after a journey and many hard knocks I realize the value of great knowledge and stock list. I came back to Nick and paid my annual subscription in one week. Frankly, to do what he does and to expose good and bad trades is incredibly hard. Like all students, we need to take responsibility for our trades and thank the person that gives us the opportunity.

Great Trades

Nick’s cycle calls are just amazing, no one consistently makes calls like this. I don’t know how I’d get along without his daily market report.

Best out there

Knowing the levels of support and resistance in the market are key for gaining an edge in trading. Nick’s trades are among the best out there for identifying these areas.  Highly recommend.

An Absolute Game Changer In How You Approach The Market

If you are looking for committed, passionate, honest and successful trader who not only have over 20+ years of professional experience in the market; who trade with their own money and prove the trades they take, and continually outperform all the other sites out there.

Thank You Nick!!!!!!

I have been listening to Nick in his broadcasts for years. Not only is Nick  Santiago very knowledgeable but shares this knowledge and education unselfishly with all that listens to his broadcasts. The hours and energy that he puts into the markets should not only be appreciated but praised by his listeners. Thank you Nick for all the time and guidance that you give all of us each and every day.

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