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Paid For Itself!

The Master!

Best Job In The World!

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$79,000 Profit In One Month!

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Live Day Trading Room - Member Comments

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Live Day Trading Room - Member Comments

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3 Winners, 1 Day!

Over $3k In ONE DAY!

Live Day Trading Room - LOOK INSIDE...

What you see below is the exact comments members have made in the room. These comments are written by members inside the Live Day Trading Room and posted directly to Nick and Gareth. If you wanted to see exactly what goes on inside the only day trading room run by REAL Pro Traders, allow people just like you to show you…


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The master!

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Live Day Trading Room - Member Comments

Two Members Talk...

no joke
These guys are no joke! Literally no one can compare to the performance of these guys. They are clear and open with everything and its all there for you to profit from. no joke, no games, just making money! love it
global trader
Coming from someone who has follow both Nick and Garetth for over 2 years I will tell you that they are the guys you need to learn from. Their performance is truly amazing and they are very transparent. I met them in their Tampa seminar and that just confirmed even further why these two gentleman are stars in my eyes. They make a lot of money from the markets, thats obvious and they do this because they care about helping people. I am very grateful I found them and you will be too.
Day trading!

they profit consistently

Oil trade, tech, triple digit gains back to back on options, I’m killing it and having my most profitable year ever! Consistent profits on stocks. People listen up, run away from any of those snake oil salesman out there, ITMS is the best and only real traders on the web. Grab your balls and be real about this, trading is not easy but they will help you think it is. And if you cant make money with them then you should never think of investing again. Its that simple.

Wait For It.....Profits!

I was in the Live Day Trading Room for 2 days before the first trade was taken. I have never seen so much discipline, because when the action hit, there were lots of trades. I banked over $3,800 in two days on 6 trades. Other chat rooms I have been in, they throw trades at your that are crappy thinking you need action to keep paying. They churn you. Not this room. Gareth and Nick are as patient as they come. I can easily see how this service has been around for over 10 years and keeps growing. Very cool!

Day Traders Paradise

Inside the live day trading room you make money. All you have to do is follow Gareth and Nicks exact trades as they take them live and not go off on your own and try your own. Learned that lesson early on. Now after two yrs, I do not work anymore and instead just trade full time making over 100k/yr each of the last 2 yrs. Best job in the world!

Best Trading Room Out There

Gareth and Nick do it the best. They are the most disciplined, the most accurate and have made me the most money of any room I have been in. Many other rooms I have lost money on…not in the Live Day Trading Room. It justifies the $299/month for sure! Some days there are a bunch of day trades and I make thousands, other days there are none and I sit on my hands. This is what a true REAL day trader wants. Seeing their live charts as they trade gives you insight into their knowledge as well. Truly priceless.

An Amazing Group Of Traders

The Live Day Trading Room is filled with some of the greatest traders in the world. They have been trained in the PPT Methodology by Gareth and Nick and help scan the market for the high reward opportunities. I joined over a year ago and am getting there. Easily profitable with their help and building my fortune. I honestly cannot start my day without it. In addition, the money I have made will keep me living well for years to come!

Live Day Trading Room Review

You login, see their charts, hear them analyze/trade live and follow their live trades. Simple and easy. Profits follow. I calculated out my winning % and it comes to 92%. Incredible. Well worth the cost. I just bought the yearly subscription and saved $600!

For Those That Want Quality

Gareth and Nick don’t take trades to just trade. That is how you get losers. They take great setups and key technical levels. There is a reason why this live trading room isn’t $50/month, it is because its members get over 90% winners. For example, I banked $6,400 at the end of Sept. Not bad for a $299 investment. These guys teach and trade. Their discipline is amazing. Their patience is awesome and their technical levels are epic.

Amazing Patience And Win Rate

Some days we take 1 trade, some days 3 trades, other days 0. I have averaged $2800 in profit per week. I have lost on just 1 trade in the past 10 weeks. Gareth and Nick are the discipline that I have always struggled with. Less trading, more profits. If you join, come in and sit back and watch them analyze the markets and take trades. It will blow your mind.

Winning Formula

I’ve been using inthemoney stocks for a few months now and have been quite successful. As with any investment strategy you still need to do your own research but following their trades have been an effective way to not only make money with them but it has made my other trading and investing more methodical and lucrative. Thank you.

The Education Alone Is Worth It...

Learning from Nick and Gareth is worth thousands a month. Luckily they give it away for $299.99 and then add in trades that I made $8,450 on for the month. So in reality, I had a month long webinar with incredible knowledge and got paid for it. 5 stars all the way!

Scalp On OSTK, Another Profit

The head trader Gareth continues to crush it. Today we nailed $1.05 scalp on $OSTK. I had 2k shares. Do the math. I am up over 10k for the month. Best trading room anywhere. Amazing education and trades.

The Real Deal

Straight forward
Definitely profitable for traders who know what they are doing

No bull

Live Day Trading Review

Gareth takes the morning. He is aggressive but amazingly accurate. I can vouch for the track record. After being a member for 16 months, I have easily a 90% win rate. Gareth alerts members when a level to buy or short is coming up, he updates where he is looking to buy, gives his exact entry and position size and guides us through the trade. Of course he tells us live when he exits as well. The knowledge of Gareth and Nick (who handles the afternoons) is second to none. Profitable and amazing education. 5 star service. Hope these guys don’t retire anytime soon.

Get rich

this is the only chat room that work for me very well. help me in my plan to get rich. i now make over $2000 per month and all this from somethin that cost me only $300. very very good.

New Member
Signed up this past weekend, second day today, made 1K on $CRWD and $MA. By far, the best room to be in. Thank you Gareth and team.

By far the best trading room I have ever been in. Today alone we banked on CRWD and ZM. I took 0.75 on ZM and $1.10 on CRWD making a cool $1850 in a total of abought 10 mins (5 mins in each trade). Where else can you make that type of money so quick? Gareth is truly a master. Check out the track record, it speaks for itself and I can verify its accuracy.

The Track Record Speaks...

Not much more I can say from what the track record says. Gareth & Nick are amazing, they teach, they trade, we get smarter and make tons of money. This InTheMoneyStocks review is complete! πŸ™‚


Amazing! Gareth crushed it again in the Live Day Trading Room. We nailed ULTA for a $3 scalp profit and then again for another $3.13 …, I banked $2150! This is his 61st straight winner, last loser was May 31st. Incredible trader, never seen better. This is the stuff legends are made of. Join up and learn from the master.

Many Trading Rooms

I have been in many trading rooms in my life, most of them stink. InTheMoneyStocks Live Day Trading Room is the best. Love seeing Nick and Gareth’s charts and hearing their amazing technical analysis. Obviously, the winning day trades are the best but holy cow, it is just the best room. I am banking over $500 a day, my best day was over 10k!

Day Trading Awesome!

The morning with Gareth is unreal. How he finds the levels to buy or short and we nail winners every frickin’ time amazes me.

beasts of trading

Gman and nick are legit the best in the business. I have been trading with them for about a year now, made money ever since. Not much more to say but thanks to these guys!

Calm & Profitable

I only have time to trade in the mornings and I still make a ton. Gareth is a calming force as he gives his levels and trades. I love seeing his charts on my screen and hearing his analysis. Yesterday we had 3 winners in the morning session, 0 losers. In the last month, I had 1 day trade loser and 21 winners. I will take that every month. Great trading room for serious traders.

Going Great

I’m fresh in trading, my journey only started 4 months ago. My first and I hope the last teacher will be Nick and Gareth because with their help I generated really good money. I was scared to invest for myself but one day I took a risk and I’m proud of myself for this. I want to highlight Nick’s hard work who gave me daily tips and signals and some really good advice. I also want to say that their website is very comfortable and easy to use with many tools which makes my journey easy. Thank you, In The Money Stocks, a lot for your hard work.

Best Than I Could Have Hoped

The team at ITMS is friendly and responded quickly to my queries. They do an outstanding job navigating the markets and accounting for a persons different financial accounts. Kudos to them for consistently excellent work.

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