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Enough Money....

Live Look Inside: Day Trading Room

Thursday Live Day Trading Room Action!


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2021 Day Trading Begins!

December Begins With Day Trade Profits!

REAL Member Comments!

More REAL Member Comments! (taken from the trading room)

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Better Late Than Never!

this place is unreal. One week here and I am doing so well .. why didn’t i find you a year ago ??

350k On Year!!

now up ~350k on year, biggest down day 20k, biggest up day 20k

$3000, EASY!

Today was one of my best days $3000 will all of you even after missing TSLA and MA. You are the best Gareth. I’ve been in groups and I cannot tell you the discipline and consistency that you bring. Many have a good day and then loose everything next 2 days but consistency is the key


Live Day Trading Room - Chat Log Today!

This Is What Happens...

Gareth, I’ve made more in September than my entire yearly salary at my first job. Really appreciate what you do on here!

Becoming A Profitable Trader

It’s pretty amazing what you’re doing Gman. Leading all these people to the promise land. Man I wish I had success like some of these new traders when I was starting out. Took me a good while to become a profitable trader.

PPT Rules!

I was happy about a month back taking 14 day trades and at the end break even or a small gain and then 1 day I decided to only take trades with you and you are right discipline is super critical. Infact I realized that I make more money in just 1 good trade with PPT than 14 trades based on other patterns like VWAP/grind/spikes etc.

The Best Day Traders!

I have a 60000 dollar account and have made 25% but I am very cautious and am absolutely thrilled with that and so am very grateful to the best day trading service I have found

Work Less, Make More

I learned from you trade less make more that is like work less hours and you get a bigger paycheck !

Day Trade With The Pros!

Day Trading With The Best!

Living the dream!

Over $3000 Profit In 3 Minutes! And more...

How I Have Done...

It is impressive. This is my 5th week day trading with you and It has been good run. Close to $16K per week

$16k Per Week!

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Members Say It All!

5 Figure Day Trader

i’ve grew from a $100 a day trader to 5 figure a day trader over the years with you guys. really owe you guys a lot

(comment taken directly from the Live Day Trading Room chat box)

The Best

Honestly, you are the best Gareth. You such an amazing teacher. Learned so much within the last few weeks from you. Its unbelievable. Really appreciate it.

(comment taken directly from the Live Day Trading Room chat box)

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Day Trading Members Speak!

Paid For Itself!

The Master!

Best Job In The World!

2nd Day Trade Today!

$79,000 Profit In One Month!

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Live Day Trading Room - Member Comments

$1600 In Minutes!

Live Day Trading Room - Member Comments

Home Run!

3 Winners, 1 Day!

Over $3k In ONE DAY!

Live Day Trading Room - LOOK INSIDE...

What you see below is the exact comments members have made in the room. These comments are written by members inside the Live Day Trading Room and posted directly to Nick and Gareth. If you wanted to see exactly what goes on inside the only day trading room run by REAL Pro Traders, allow people just like you to show you…




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The master!

Learning and Earning!

Easy money!

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