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First trade!


40% For A New Member!


Easy To Follow Options

Verified Option Alerts is easy to follow. All trades are posted with all details necessary to enter them. Exits are alerted as well, and in general, they are the more liquid options which means you get out at great exits just like the pro. I trade options as secondary to stocks. Considering the risk, that is the smartest thing. I have made money with both Verified Option Alerts and Verified Investing Alerts. Thanks Gareth!



Easy Option Profit!

Rip Your Face Off PROFITS!


Insane profits!

Another great week!

Making Bank!

Music to my ears!

100% No Bull$hit

Calls & Puts + Profits

Verified Option Alerts gives you trades. I would estimate about 3 per week. As Master Trader Gareth Soloway buys a contract, he puts it out. This is done quickly and I get the alerts within a minute or so. After being a member for 2.5 months, I have made about 25% on my account. Options are tricky but following someone who knows what they are doing makes it great!

Options Trading Review

Gareth gives out easy to read alerts. In general, I am able to buy the calls or puts within pennies of where he buys them. I have made a solid amount since joining. He does not do anything crazy, keeping it simple buying calls or puts. This service is great as an add-on if you have a stock portfolio and want to risk a little on options.

Swing Masters

When you follow the trades of Nick and Garret you will quickly see that they are no joke. Win rate easy 85%. Profits on day trading right in front of you in the day trading room. Verified swing trades in the investing longer term calls service. If you want to get calls from the best then these are the guys for you.

trading kings

I have tried them all, and they all suck. Most tell you they are the best and they just don’t even know what they are doing. With Nick and Gareth at inthe moneystocks you will see very quick that these guys know what they are doing, they are on another level. That is pure experience built. You can’t buy it, well i guess you can, when you follow them lol. Nick is more conservative than Gareth, but they both make some killer calls. I have tripled my account since the start of last year. That is all that needs to be said. If you are serious about this then these guys are seriously the best.

their skills are proven

This service gives easy to follow options trades, basically daily. The exact entry price of the pro is given, the contract, expiration and strike. Just enter it yourself once you get the email/text alert and sit back. Profits follow consistently. I was skeptical because their track record is pretty amazing, but you can verify it once you are a member. And then going forward you see they are very transparent, with nothing hidden. Its all there for members to see. Bottom line, they proved to me that they are certainly amazing traders and well worth the time and money invest in following them. I suggest anyone serious about making money do the same asap.

Where To Begin....

Gareth gives lots of action, almost a trade a day. That is right up my alley as I want action if I am paying $99/month. The track record is real folks, I joined 2 months ago and thought Gareth was nuts buying puts on stocks like MSFT and AAPL. But within a week, we banked huge profits on these and other as the markets collapsed. His ability to read the future make him something of an oracle. He is the read deal!

He Nails It

Verified Option Alerts keeps putting out winners. Never week without multiple trades and really, multiple winners. While I cannot show my amazing account statement on here with the profits, just check out the track record.

Constant Action and Profits

Almost an options trade a day. 3 winners today netting over 150%. Can’t go wrong. Verified Option Alerts is a great service!

Trades For Serious Options Players

Verified Option Alerts is for serious option traders who want a diversified options portfolio. Gareth gives recommended % of portfolio to invest plus all the key data needed like his entry price, contract, expiration, strike, stop, target. By the way, 5k profit last week!

5 Star

Complete options product. Educational videos + trades = profit +knowledge.


No complaints so far, been a member for over a month and made 11.4% return. Alerts are clean and easy to understand.

Stocks and Options

I am a member of Verified Investing & Verified Options. Options are wild but banking on average 2 winners a week, stocks are slower moving but making money nicely. Love the daily videos and the upcoming cycle call analysis. Truly top of the mountain for investors and traders looking to understand and profit on an ongoing basis.

54% Score On VXX

First trade with Verified Options nailed for 54% on VXX. Not a bad way to start. Paid for a full year of the service right there. The Educational webinars included are of great value as well. I watched them already and can see past mistakes I made before joining.


Consistent profits with the occasional loser. I would say my account has banked profits on out or 9 out of every 10 options trades. There is always going to be one or two that don’t workout but that is still stellar for options trading. I love the methodology used to find trades and consistently make money, so needless to say I am a lifer here.

First Trade 40%

Just joined Verified Option Alerts and banked 40% on my first trade with Gareth. Hey lays out the exact details of the trade so simply and the text alert worked great, got in at the same price as him within seconds. Cool service!

Clean, Simple, Profitable

This service gives easy to follow options trades, basically daily. The exact entry price of the pro is given, the contract, expiration and strike. Just enter it yourself once you get the email/text alert and sit back. Profits follow about 9 of 10 times. The 2x a month webinars are hardcore, in depth analysis and technique building. Very cool!

Gareth Verified Options Review

Gareth clearly posts his entry price, contract, expiration, strike, stop, target on every trade. His text alerts reach me within 1 minute of him taking the trade which is amazingly good. The webinars he does every month are extremely informative and carry a huge added value. The profits match his track record and have made me a lot of money.

X Marks The Spot

I made $3,000 today on SPY puts we bought yesterday in Verified Options Alerts. Just like that, paid for multiple years of the service. How does Gareth know to buy these exactly when they should have been bought and bank amazing gains so quickly? I have no idea but I will gladly pay $99.99/month to get these alerts daily.

what more can you ask for

Gareth is legit a gift to all of us. The fact that he gives out his trades to the public is insane, just watch him trade, follow him, look at his performance… its nuts. He is so good and I have made a ton of money because of it. Love this guy! BIG thanks!

Holy Mother...

I banked $2,458 in the last 2 days on Gareth’s options trades. The most impressive was his UNG call trade today. He bought and sold in 2 hours for a 24% profit. How does he find these levels? I have NEVER experienced a service like this before!

Smart Money Is Here

If you are smart, you are a member. I banked over $10,000 today in my options portfolio off of the winners Gareth closed out. My biggest day ever. He gives you his exact entries as soon as he takes the trades. Same thing with his exits. The text alerts were amazingly well. He gives at least one options trade a day. Never found a service like this before!

Profit Explosion

Just today, I banked these profits through Verified Option Alerts.

PG Puts +29.58%

QQQ Puts +43.78%

VXX Calls +38.71%

XLK Puts +36.94%

SMH Puts +25%

Enough said!

More Options Winners

I have been a member for 7 weeks now. Today alone I made profits on SCO calls and JPM puts. Gareth gives you his exact entry and exits and sends alerts the second he buys/sells. Makes it pretty easy to piggyback on his trades. Cool service!

An Alert A Day At Least...

That is what it is, a trade or more a day (almost always). And they are almost all winners. He gives his entry price, target, contract, expiration..ect All the info you need. The alerts work great as well. The email alerts and text alerts get to me within a minute of his post. I am on top of that $hit fast and in at the same price.

Verified Options Review

I have been a member for two weeks and have gotten a new option trade every day. We have closed out half for profits, still in the other, flat or slightly in/out of the money. This is a fantastic service for people that want action and profits.

The Profits Keep Coming...

Banked 24% SLV puts and 25% BAC calls today inside Veriifed Option Alerts. Gareth continues to crush it. Like 10 winners in the last 2 weeks.

Making Money

2 weeks into Verified Option Alerts and I banked winners galore. My account is quickly up 22% but I am taking slightly bigger positions than recommended. Gareth gives exact contract, strike, expiration, entry price, target, stop…ect. Everything you need to jump on board with every one of his trades. Love that his trades are verified as well. So many junk services out there on the internet. Follow the best.

nothing but winners


I am very impressed with both Mr. Santiago and Mr. Soloway with their trading record. I am only a member for 4 weeks but in that time I had only winning trades with both of these gentlemen. After years of disappointing  experiences with other  option services  I am finally happy with your service!
I do not know how they do it but I get nothing but winners and even if there is a looser down the line I am confident that I will get an exit for the trade in email alert and minimize the loss.




Member Review

Love the action from Gareth. I can almost set my clock by the profits I will make on a monthly basis. Just sit back and wait for the trades. If you want multiple quick swing trade options plays a week, this is a great service for you.


I am also a member of Verified Investing Alerts and that is where the gold is. The education is worth $1000/month. You think Cramer knows his stuff? Gareth is a genius in comparison. Add in the trades and it is no wonder why Gareth keeps getting offers. I think he likes trading at home in his pjs. I know I do. LOL

Big Options

Honestly, I don’t know why would anyone use any other service. In The Money has the best combination of Hands on, Education and Success. Any trader that needs professional analysis, they’re second to none. The potential money you can make with them is absurd.

Great Service

Since I joined I have gotten at least 3 options trades a week. Often, they are closed out within days for a big profit. I would estimate about 80% of them are winners. Love this service for the action and profits in my account!

InTheMoneyStocks Review

I am a member to Verified Investing Alerts and Verified Option Alerts. First, Master Trader Gareth is the best out there. As many have said and done, I have been a member to member services over the years and he is the best/most profitable. He sees things in the charts that no one else sees, his cycle dates and long and short calls are amazing. I love having both services as they piggy bank off each other. Verified Investing Alerts is for my big money account while Verified Options is for my fun account. I have literally doubled my retirement savings in the past few years by following his trades. He is not shy to pull the trigger when everyone else is freaking out and he is almost always right. I endorse this service and any service Gareth runs. I signup for anything he does as it always blows my mind with knowledge and trade alerts.

Reviewing Verified Options

The key here is position size. Make sure to follow what Gareth does. If you do, you will make money. If you think you are a rockstar on your own, you will lose. I only started to bank significant profits once I followed position size in my account and took every trade. Then wooohooo, money being made.

Awesome Options Trading With Gareth

He uses the charts to find the setups and I profit. Already banked over $3,000 in a month on this options trades. I have one that is down but the rest were winners. I also am in the Live Day Trading Room and see him in action there. Amazing to watch him trade live!

Action Galore

If you like options action, this is where you belong. Lots of trades to help a junkie get their fix and a high percentage of winners.

Bull In A China Shop

If you love options and profits, this is where you belong. I doubled my account in 6 months and am well on my way to another double.  Be ready for wild swings though, options are nuts. Also, be ready for the occasional option trade to expire worthless. It happens and keeps you humble.

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