MASTER THE GAP – Morning Money Making Trade Alerts (October 2023)

$0.00 / month and a $99.98 sign-up fee



Morning Money Making Trade Alerts! 

Master The Gap Trades – from Pro Trader Nick Santiago

Starting TUESDAY, October 17th!


Gap trading is a simple yet disciplined approach to buying and shorting stocks that create “gaps” on the chart, within the first few minutes of the trading day. Gap trades present the smart/seasoned traders like our Pros with the opportunity to profit from these gaps, in a big way, quickly! Now this is your chance to trade the Gap like a REAL Pro and get access to Nicks exclusive morning Gap Trades. These trade alerts will be posted on the Master The Gap product page each morning, BEFORE the action happens, for 1 full month and profit with him!


The opportunity to profit from these Gap Trades only comes around a few times a year, this is your chance to join the action… Reserve your space now, here.



Watch this video as Nick discusses the Gap Trading Action…

Watch this video as Head Trader Ben shows you some of the trades and what to expect…







These trades will be posted to the service page every morning before the market opens preparing you to profit from the action, at 9am ET starting TUESDAY, October 17th, 2023 and lasting for a full month! All you need to do is sign in and get the info! The gap trade post will include Nick’s potential entry, exit and target prices needed to easily and properly follow along. These trade set ups will be available to you BEFORE the market opens, this will give you the time needed to have a step up on the action and be ready to enter the best trades at the right time. Once the market opens, these trades require fast action, buying and selling at the posted levels. Follow the instructions, get into the best trades, the only thing that you will have to do is figure out how you are going to spend the money you earn!



Profit in the first minutes of the day, like the Pros! 

Get access to a FULL MONTH of Gap Trades for ONLY $99.98 NOW!





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