Secrets to Picking Small Cap Winners

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This is a membership product for the Secrets to Picking Small Cap Winners.


Love It

In this market where small caps are rocketing 100% in a day, I have used these methods to find gems before they have surged. I literally have cleared over 100k in just over 2 months. I cannot thank you enough!

Small Cap Webinar Review

This webinar is more unique and informative than anything I have taken in the past. I love how the information is incredible and it all ties together so at the end you feel like you can conquer the small cap market. Great webinar!

If You Trade Small Caps

This webinar is a MUST. Never have a seen such insight, techniques and knowledge given out. This webinar has already made me feel 10x more comfortable finding the next small cap about to make a big move.

Changed My Life

I am a small cap investor and this webinar changed everything I knew (or thought I knew) about trading small caps. Understanding time frames, understanding sympathy plays, reading a balance sheet, short interest..ect. I have been able to jump into small caps just before they rip multiple times in the last few months since I learned these methods.  Thank you Gareth!

First Small Cap, 75% Profit!

I took this webinar last week. After scanning many small caps I settled on ABIO because it had the factors taught by Gareth. Within 3 days, 75% profit. I think that is a ringing endorsement.

Holy Cow

I am a smaller investor who generally trades small caps. This webinar changed how I think. Considering I was hit or miss, that is huge. I am now making consistent money with small caps. I know when to get in, what to look for, when to get out..ect.

Can I Have More Please?

I seriously drink Gareth’s knowledge up like water in the desert. This is a great webinar for anyone who trades small caps. If you want to know about every key to picking the next 100% small cap runner, it is in here. Wanted to know about what important stats to read off a balance sheet? It is in here. Wanted to know about sympathy plays, or insider buys? Right here!

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