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Webinars So Worth It

Those webinars are soooo worth it, every penny

The best course

This trading course filled in the mysteries of the price action you will see in the stock market. After completing the program and the continued training, I am already exponentially better equipped to make quality trades instead of trading bogus setups like an uniformed hack. Do yourself a solid favor and take this course. Learn from someone who knows the market, knows the price action, and has fun doing it!!

Learn and you will win

investing in yourself and buying this course at first may seem like 999 is not cheap…. but once you take it and see how much money it allows you to make and prob more importantly how much money it allows you to not lose! Then you will really understand that the course is worth so much more. I am telling you people, get it now!

the best education ever

The Methodology Revealed is the absolute best place for any new or advanced trader. I came in with I’d say intermediate knowledge. I have been trading on and off for a few years. But this course is powerful and changes everything to higher levels right away. Thats what i love, you can put this knowledge to practice the same day! Nick is the best and this course is def his baby. Super highly recommended.

Webinar Review

Always assured and confident in demeanour and presentation of ideas without being aggressively over-confident. In all aspects of work, Nick is not satisfied unless achieving the highest standards. Works relentlessly to improve skills and knowledge, and the quality of work output. Always succeeds in explaining ideas clearly. Others find Nick easy to understand. He also has the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with Nick are two-way. From a set of data, Nick is able to establish a principle, or work out a rule, or suggest a reason for failure or success. His analysis is always accurate and sometimes original.

Really Good

Real good stuff, just the best. Can’t say enough good stuff about it.

Education for life!

I have done it all, sadly to say, i spent thousands on other trading educational stuff. I never made money from those other guys. But once I took the Methodology Revealed Webinar it was like the sheet was pulled back and I could see. What Nick teaches in this course is worth so much more than what they charge, the fact is its almost priceless because if you use it, then you can basically trade the rest of your life and make money yourself. That is amazing stuff and even more amazing that Nick gives us this chance. The course is long too, about 7 hours and every second is packed with useful stuff. Take the course, people, do it now.

The Methodology Is Real

“Thanks Nick! I just can’t get enough of Methodology Revealed. I want to get a T-Shirt with Methodology Revealed on it so I can show it off to everyone.”
– Hyacinth O.

It's complex but not complicated

Not gonna sit here and blow smoke up your ass. It’s clear right off that bat that Nick gives a fuck, he goes into painstaking detail about which setups you should and shouldn’t look for. Hands down one of the most comprehensive chart analysis I’ve ever seen. So much to the point I’ve had to watch it several times to truly grasp it

The BEST investment you will ever make

Like my title says, this course should be required for anyone that is looking to make serious money from the markets. I have been trading for about 6 years before i took this course and once i did, it changed everything for me. It put pieces together which i honestly never imagined. Powerful, that is what it is. Nick teaches everything he does in a clear and concise way that you can put into your trading right away and start making money. Since taking the course I increased my overall profit percentage on average about 3 times. Its amazing and I am blessed to have the chance to learn from these gentleman! I wish everyone the same. Thank you Nick and Gareth

Amazing Webinar

Methodology Revealed should be nominated for webinar of the year. I STRONGLY recommend Methodology Revealed to EVERYONE interested in becoming a successful day/swing trader.

Best way to learn new trading skills

The methodology coarse is a no brainer for someone who is looking to improve their trading skills. He shows you everything you need to know to become a consistently profitable trader. I was lost when it came to reading the technical signals starting out. Things moved to fast for me. I didn’t really know what a big moves looked like. Nick Santiago goes in depth about how to do all this and more in his course and more. With a little time I am now able to id the technical signs and find the great risk/reward trades. I would recommend The Methodology Revealed to my own family if they were looking to learn how to trade.

Ever since

Since I invested in Methodology Revealed I made over 100,000 dollars profits. Methodology Revealed is awesome!

Second the motion. I have been a repeat methodology offender. New stuff each time. Amazing

Makes money right back

Nick: I went through the methodology charts again over the weekend. It’s the 4th time. I also read my notes from your comments during the presentation. I find there is so much great information in that presentation that I learn something new each time I review the charts. And when you use one of these techniques in the Chat Room, I pull up the chart and review it again. Thanks so much

It was very eye opening

Nick gives the overall understanding of Technical signals. It was clear, concise and informative. The videos were exactly what I needed to finally wrap my head around Technical Trading. Finally found the tools I need for successful trading

No Skill Required But Does Take Effort

Methodology Revealed is a very good product, and I would recommend it to just about anyone. The only people I would tell you NOT to take the course, is if you don’t like to put effort into things.You will need a fair bit of concentration and memorization to recognize and understand the chart patterns

Hated Trading Until This Webinar

I hated trading for my first year, but thanks to this webinar I am now fairly successful with some a solid strategy. My favorite part of this was finding out which setup / chart combo will give the best chance for profits.

Trading can be a big Risk

Trading itself means that trader is taking a big risk because you can’t predict 100% of the result but trading with a proven methodology helped me to reduce the risks. Nick Santiago’s Webinar have taught me the best analysis and it helps me with my final thought. After spending years wasting money I finally learned to take the emotion out of trading and follow a successful strategy. I couldn’t have done it without this seminar.

The Real Deal

A breath of fresh air who has the intelligence and guts to say whet’s on his mind and stand out against the “smooth” crowd of BS out there. Nick comes prepared and I enjoy watching him take apart those who come with nothing. In the webinar he provides the tool and covers the best technical indicators for finding the risk/reward setups while filtering out the noise and BS of the media and institutions.

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