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Verified Investing

daily analysis is the best i dont even swing trade just like to watch and learn

Expert Analysis

As i mentioned few times in the past, your daily analysis videos are the highlight of my day. Look forward to them so eagerly everyday

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Two 10% winners yesterday, two more today. Every time I start to doubt Gareth I need to slap myself because he ends up being 100% right. Truly amazing. I am up more than 40% on the year in Verified Investing Alerts. His daily videos keep me grounded as he shows technical facts as to why the market did something and why it will do something. Him giving position sizes helps me mimic his account. The alerts are key as they get me in the trades almost immediately. I know he caters to big money but he truly helps the smaller investor. Thank you!


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Banking Another $11k!

"My gains are north of 1,000%"

Review for Verified Investing, Verified Options and Live Day Trading
From Stephane C.

Thanks Gareth for your guidance and for your patience to teach me and all the ITMS members the right way to invest. My gains are north of 1,000% since I joined 9 months ago. My only regret is for not joining earlier. ITMS is really THE place to go if you want to learn and make money at the same time.

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The best!

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Insane profits continue. I was short at the top with Gareth in Verified Investing Alerts, long at the bottom then short last week as well, boom, profits every single time. Incredible analysis, market timing and trade alerts!

Best week ever!


The Best, By Far

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best month ever
I have been swing trading options myself for about 3 years now. I was doing ok, squeezed out some gains. In that time I tried a lot of services out there who made big claims on performance etc. All of which I lost money on… so when I came across ITMS needless to say i was skeptical. If a close friend did not refer me to them i prob would have passed them up, but thank God i didnt. The past month has been my most profitable in the whole time ive been trading. Gareth is a beast, plain and simple. I watched as he made like 8 calls in a row and won on each. I also looked back and confirm the track record is what they have done. So yeah, my friend gave back to me, helping me find them. Now I give back to you. Don’t miss this chance to follow some amazing traders.
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What You Want To Know...

This service is about as easy to follow and straightforward as it gets. Alerts are posted clearly with exact entry, stop and target. In addition, email alerts and text alerts arrive within 1-2 minutes of the trade being taken by Master Trader Gareth Soloway. He trades mostly large caps and ETF’s but last wee we banked 35% on TUP (a small cap) in two days. He definitely caters to the smarter investors and hedge fund crowd within his Daily Analysis Video, but that is who I aspire to be, so I love it. The cycle work, time counts, confirmation signals are priceless as an addition to my trading. I have never seen someone call the huge swings in the market so accurately. His track record is spot on, every trade exactly who it was given to members since I joined in December 2019.

Biggest Month Of My Trading Career

I have been a part of 4 other swing trade services from different websites. Generally, I lost money on them. A month into Verified Investing Alerts and I have never had a bigger profit month in my life! Literally over 20 winners, most over 10%. This is the real deal. Action packed and amazing analysis.

Game Changer

Gareth Soloway is having his best year ever. I have been a member for over 8 years (I think InTheMoneyStocks has been around for 13 yrs). I have never had a down year, my average I would guestimate as about 45% return per year. This year, it is only the start of April 2020 and I am up 38% year to date. I trade with a large portfolio, north of one million. If you are looking for someone to make even more money in this crazy market, Gareth is the person. His technical signals are on point as he buys the lows and shorts the highs.


The reality of Verified Investing Alerts is that my account is up over 42% this year. I have been part of many services over the last 10+ years and Gareth is 10x better than any. Exact trade entries/exits allow me to hop on every swing trade. I have done over 80 trades in 2020 with him already, maybe 5 losers in all. If you want accuracy, exact entries and profits, this is the one stop shop.

12 year member...

the best

There is nothing i should say other than these guys rock!! Big thanks to the G-man for helping me kill it while most people are getting crushed. That is what you get when you follow a dude like the Gman who is a pure trading master! dont be stupid people, ITMS is the best thats it. Lots of haters out there, when you are as good as them and around for so long it is bound to bring haters. But if you let those clowns cause you to not join ITMS you are the real clown. Gman is verified… he kills every other fake trader out there!

trading with confidence

Gareth is not scared to step in when everyone else is in panic. That is probably what makes him so profitable. His discipline is amazing. He follows the charts which take emotion out of the equation. Therefore he steps in on stocks collapsing without fear…and makes money 9 of 10 times.… join them and you won’t regret it.

best month of trading

This type of market is when you see who the real traders are out there. Personally i would have had my butt handed to me if i was trading on my own. Instead, i am now able to day trading in their live day trading room since i am stuck at home, which is great because i can make more money while my income has slowed from my regular job. Also my swing trading/retirement account is higher than it has ever been in my life and I earned 44.67% profit alone in the past 30 days just from following Gareths alerts. This guy is a real amazing trader and anyone would benefit from following him.

keep them on your side

right now i have watched these guys make calls on these insane market moves like freakin snipers. The big sells, bounces and more… I am making more money now then the past few years combined, like its been crazy. Almost every day gareth has given out clear and easy to follow trades which earn double digit profits the next day, or even the same day. freakin nuts! and if you don’t have them on your side right now you are nuts! thank you Gareth, love you man!

Great service

I am now a member of both Nick and G-man’s swing trading stocks services. I can’t sing enough praises. Both of them are amazing, not only on their trade alerts, but they are so helpful too. They have saved me from many bad trades i would have taken on my own and helped me to make so much money over the past 2 years. They are clear and specific, they do not tell you one thing and say another later… transparent and straight up. You can just follow them blindly and make money, but the smarter people will learn from them and have these amazing skills for their own life too! Love them!

my review

From my honest point of view based on 8 months of following their trades to the T, taking everything they say, now I can form an honest opinion. First thing first is their track record. It is true and transparent. I studied it in and out, upside and inside out for a month before i joined. Then when i became a member i confirmed it further. Honestly i did too much work but it made me even more confident in them and then they did nothing but prove me right. They are amazing guys, super willing to help you and teach you what they know. They have knowledge that is so valuable and they share it all… truly guys who want to give back and it shows on every level. If you swing trade stocks or options, they are amazing. Also the day trading room is great for active day traders. I love them and you will too.

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