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Verified Investing Review

I have invested for 30 years and tried multiple services in the last 10 years. I found my final resting place with Verified Investing Alerts. By far the most consistent winners with only the occasional loser. Other services bs on their track record, I have been here for all of 2019 and it is exactly what it shows. When they say Verified, I can confirm it. Videos are great, instead of watching Cramer I just watch them and I find myself blowing my friends away with my market knowledge and cycle/pivot points. It is fun to watch my friends be skeptical at first then come running to me for more insights. I just say…Join Verified Investing Alerts!

UGAZ 15% In A Day

Master Trader Gareth did it again. We closed out a 15% winner in less than  24 hours on UGAZ and another 5% profit on a short on ASML. He saw this market dip coming a mile a way and alerted us to it. His videos are seriously worth their weight in gold as he gets you focused on the important stuff versus what the normal investors are listening to (CNBC & Bloomberg). For most people, the profits are most important and he nails constant winners. Verified Investing and Verified Options are the way to go!

Truth Told

Verified Investing nailed another winner. 5 in a week for me. The latest is QD. We entered at $4.13 and out a few days later at $4.83 for a 17% profit. Can’t beat that!


Your trade alerts in Verified Investing are very much appreciated and HIGH VALUED. My account paid for the service over 10x already. Incredible!!


Gareth gives a lot of trades and generates a lot of profits. I love his style as he gives the % of his account he invests on each trade. In addition, he often buys a half position at a major technical level which leaves him open to buy more at the next level. This gives him great overall entry prices and a high % of winners. His style has changed my account direction from down to up and significantly up. The daily videos and webinars are a huge impact on my understanding of the markets. They alone are worth $100s a month, then add in the approx $6000 a month I am making off his alerts, and his service I will live for. I suggest joining it. 5 stars for sure!

Gareth Takes The Bull By The Horns

Master Trader Gareth Soloway is not scared to step in when everyone else is in panic. That is probably what makes him so profitable. His discipline is amazing. He follows the charts which take emotion out of the equation. Therefore he steps in on stocks collapsing without fear…and makes money 9 of 10 times. Truly incredible. I would recommend this service for anyone who wants constant action and profits. My one recommendation is that Gareth holds quite a few positions at a time, so follow his % allocation amounts so you can join him on all his trades.

Never Have I Ever...

CGC +11% in a day, UBER +9% in a couple days, 12% on ROKU, 6% on ICPT, 7% on VXX in a day. These the my profits from Verified Investing in the last week. I am truly amazed. The action is incredible

Verified Review

Yesterday, Gareth banked 11% on ROKU. Today he banked 7.11% on VXX in less than 24 hours. This is normal. Don’t let the amazing profits overshadow his awesome education and videos posted daily either. They are worth their weight in gold. Truly a service that helps us average investors pad our retirement accounts and afford the nicer things in life!

Verified Investing Review

Banked 11.5% on $ROKU today. I would never have bought ROKU at $99 but obviously Gareth knows what he is doing. Got us in at $99 and out at $110.50. Can’t beat that sweet score. Made over $1,100 on it. Verified Investing rocks!

Education + Trades

Verified Investing is made for investors who like to profit and learn. A constant stream of trades has you making money steadily while watching the daily videos, live broadcasts and webinars has you learn. “Learn and earn!” It is really the complete package. Gareth is on the top of his game. I hope he sticks around for years to come. If so, I can easily max out my retirement and ride off into the sunset years earlier than expected!

Trades That Pay Off Fast

Gareth grabs opportunity when it pops up. I love the constant stream of trades and profits. Look at the track record, it tells the tale. Profits consistently. The daily videos are where extra hidden value is found. A wealth of technical knowledge for investors who want to learn.

Massive Profits Today!

Holy cow! I banked 11%, 10%, 6% and 5% profits today inside Verified Investing. This service has made me more money in a month than I have made in any other service I have tried in a year. This is seriously a hidden gem that investors need to know about!

Profit Maker

I can tell you I make money, every month since joining. Gareth is clear, gives his trades (entry price, stop, target) and I get the text alert within seconds. I closed out an OSTK trade today for 7.25% in less than 24 hours. This is fairly common, a few trades take a few more days to a week to pay off. The daily analysis videos are a great way to understand what he thinks about the market, current trades..ect. He recently instituted at least 2 educational webinars a month for members. The recent options webinar he did was amazing. I learned tons. These alone would probably cost non members $500 to attend but are included for members. Super cool service!

Gareth Gives Winning Trades

Master Trader Gareth gives a constant stream of trades. In addition, I can verify that at least 80% of them are winners. This means members make A LOT of money. The education in his videos and webinars are awesome. I wish I discovered this service 10 years ago. I would be worth easily a million more!

2 More Winners...

Gareth closed out CRWD for a great profit in a day and banked 13% on ETH/USD in 6 days. He continues to give amazing trade alerts. His webinars each month are worth the price alone, but I am banking $1,000s from the trades. Gold rated service!


Gareth is a boss in trading, simply put, hes the best

Verified Investing Review

7.5% profit on SCO in less than 24 hours and 22% on ETH (crypto). Those are two winners from just today. Gareth is a master and trades like it. He is kind enough to give out his alerts to us regular investors. I love all the trades though I do skip a few mainly because I sometimes get caught up in work. This service is great for 9-5ers though. I get the alert on my phone and if I can, i jump on and make the trade. I can’t wait to take the Methodology Revealed and Elite Keys To Unlimited Success webinars. I want to learn the PPT Methodology. I want to eventually just trade like Gareth.

He Knows The Chart Levels To Trade

Gareth is not afraid to read the charts and react. While most traders get nervous, he has done this for so many years he just acts like a robot and pulls the trigger. This is awesome because it means more trades and more profits. Love Verified Investing Alerts and Verified Option Alerts! So much action!

Patience = Great Entries

Gareth is a master of reading the charts and buying/shorting a multi-factor level. I like how he does half positions then adds again if necessary. I have found that actually helps me make more money. Getting his exact entries is awesome. Last week 5 new trades. Wow!

Conquer The Markets

Master Trader Gareth has accuracy that is amazing. I have never seen someone call pivots, cycles, get in/out of stocks so perfectly. I like how he gives all the details of every trade. The text message alerts work amazingly well to get me the info quick. The daily analysis videos are great for understanding why he entered trades and the live broadcasts are cool to ask specific questions. Any serious investor should try Verified Investing Alerts.

Trades Every Day

I love this. This is what I want. Basically a trade or more every day. Constant winners. Entry price, target, stop, position size for every trade. This is simply perfect for the investor who works and wants alerts when a new trade is posted. Sweeeeeeeet!

Lots of Trades

Gareth is certainly on top of things and loves trading. For a swing trading service, he gives lots of trades and profits easily on 75% of them, if not higher. I am surprised he offers his services as he could easily just cater to the hedge fund crowd. While he does it, I will be a member. 5 stars for Verified Investing Alerts! Try it now.

First Week: 5 Winners

My first week saw Master Trader Gareth take 5 winners (INTC, YINN, BAC, DSLV, ABBV) and open 4 new trades. Truly a week of profits to remember and a great week to start. I love the action and obviously the profits. His daily analysis videos are awesome. The chart analysis gave me a clear picture of why the markets did what they did. This service is easily worth 5x what he charges. Scoop it up if you like to make money!

My First Trade

My first trade since I joined Verified Investing Alerts was to buy ETH/USD (Ether). Gareth bought it on a Saturday. So cool you can now trade every day of the year and make money. Already up 5% on the trade in day. How he knows these levels I will never know but he is amazing. I plan to trade crypto as well as stocks with him.

Verified Investing Is Key To Success

The Verified Investing – Live broadcasts are gold. So much education and knowledge. The alerts are great, stocks to crypto buy and sells. SMS alerts work super well. Daily videos are also gold, basically a 15 minute daily webinar covering the market, stocks, charts, cycles, pivots, patterns..ect. Over a month, you absorb a ton and become a better investor.

Everything You Need

In Verified Investing Alerts Pro Trader Gareth gives you everything you need to make money. Exact entries, stops, targets, daily videos that cover the market and the trades, a list of all current open positions and verified track record of all closed positions. In addition, the Verified Investing Live Broadcasts are cool as you can ask him questions on any stock or market related thing. I really is the complete package. Been a member for over 5 years and still making money month after month.

5 Star Service

Simply put, I made money every month since I joined. Paying $99 to make over $1000 a month by just following the trades is a no brainer. That is all I have to say!

Verified Investing Review

My name is Quentin and I joined Verified Investing Alerts 3 months ago. The first thing I would say is, follow Master Trader Gareth exactly. When he states his position size on a trade, make sure to do it. I have taken 17 swing trades since I joined and have made money on 15 of the 17. I am up 12% on my smallish portfolio. That is an amazing return and yes, Gareth is a rockstar in this business. I have been with multiple other services and barely made a dime in them. This is the real deal. The one thing I learned is that discipline is everything. If you let your emotion take control, you will either not profit as much, or lose when Gareth wins. Also, make sure to take advantage of the videos and live broadcasts. The knowledge and teaching in them has opened my eyes to reading charts properly. I am also in the process of taking the Elite Keys To Unlimited Success webinar as well as the Methodology Revealed. I want to retire soon and need to learn this. I appreciate Gareth and Nick being willing to teach. I recommend taking every advantage of it.

I Have Tried Many Investing Services...

And Gareth is the best by far. I guess this is what decades of study does. Be careful out there trusting other fly by night companies that pop up. I have been following Gareth since 2008 and watched him profit through the financial crisis til now. He has seen every market condition and reads the charts correctly. I have seen him call cycles to the day and position himself perfectly to profit. The PPT Methodology is a must learn if you want to make money the rest of your life. Verified Investing Alerts and any service Gareth is involved in is a must have.

Went To Hawaii

Yes, I just traveled to Hawaii on last weeks profits. Over $6,500 banked, paid for a beautiful stay at the Hilton with my wife and two kids. Thank you Gareth and Verified Investing Alerts!

The Real Deal

Gareth gives out plenty of trades for the addicted investor and they are truly 80% winners. I have tracked them myself for the better part of a year and it is true. The bottom line is for 99 bucks a month, my worst month was $1,245 profit, my best month was $4,370. Dollars and sense speak for themselves.

Investing Made Easy...

Verified Investing Alerts is simple. Wait for a text message alert, get the trade details and buy/short the equity. I wish there were more live broadcasts as I love to ask questions, but the 1 or 2 a week suffice. I understand Gareth is super busy finding great trade setups but I like learning! As many others have said, make sure you watch the video he does each evening after the market closes. It is a gem!

Swing Trading On Steriods

I look at Verified Investing Alerts as swing trading on steriods. Do you want your account to grow bigger and bigger? Then this is where you come. Overall, i calculated an 82.7% success rate on the trades I took over a 15 month span. There are quite a few and I love the text/sms alerts that give me a heads up immediately. Exact entry points are super key along with the text alerts. I definitely look at this service as being for the more seasoned investor who has a nestegg they want to grow, probably not for a newbie with 5k.

Trading At Its Best

Shorted $AAPL three days ago on the alert from Gareth. Covered with an over 5% profit already. Easiest way to print money without breaking the law lol

My Account Was Too Small

Great service if you have 25k or more. If I did, I would have made serious money. I only had 10k and was hoping for more micro cap trades. I just could not utilize enough of it to be worth the $100/month. I will be back when I have 25k or more.

Like A Panther Stalking Its Prey

Gareth is like a panther stalking his next target. His patience, discipline and chart reading is amazing. His analysis in his videos blow my mind every day. I try and take every trade and because of that I am up 43% in my account after a 13 months. If you crave the REAL thing, join Verified Investing Alerts.

Calm and Profitable

Gareth is the calmest trader I have ever seen. Even when we are down on a position, he never lets emotion cloud his view. He says what the chart is saying and amazingly, within a few days the stock pops and we take a profit. This happened on X just yesterday. I was down 5%, getting nervous and then it shot up and we banked 8%. Gareth said the chart was still signaling a move higher and he was right. Anyways, Verified Investing Alerts is a cool service. Text/email alerts that are quick, trades, videos, live broadcasts. He has been doing this for 20+ years and it shows. There are so many websites out there run by amateurs, but I finally found one that is real. Thank you! I am a member for life!

From Twitter To Member To Profits

I found Gareth on Twitter. His crypto alerts actually got my attention. Now I am a member of Verified Investing Alerts and making money in stocks/ETF’s as well as  crypto. I am a Bitcoin fanatic! Great service, amazing dedication and knowledge. Master trader Gareth Soloway is the real deal! I encourage everyone to try it for a month and see. Money flows…….

Pro Trader Gareth Soloway...

He is simply the best there is. I have never made consistent money in the stock market until I joined him and learned the PPT Methodology. Truly life changing. Thank you!


I like his analysis, he is super down to earth and explains things like a real teacher. He finds trade opportunities I never would have seen. That makes it worth the price right there. His trades are generally fantastic.

For The Smart Investor

Verified Investing Alerts is for the aggressive investor looking to grow their investment account. I have made money for the last three years I have been a member. Make sure to follow share size recommendations! I am a member for life and will retire happy!

My First Trade Was A Loser....But Then...

I joined in 2017. The first trade I took with Gareth was a loser. I was thinking about canceling but had paid for the month. By the end of the month I as up $5,000 with 11 straight winners! Wow! I am still a member and have made month consistently since. I am a huge believer in the PPT Methodology Gareth and Nick teach and have taken all the webinars. I now find trades on my own but also take the trades Gareth puts out in Verified Investing Alerts. My account has grown to over $300,000.

Closed Out 3 Winners Just Today

Amazing job by Pro Trader Gareth Soloway. I’ll give him a standing ovation today. I banked big on VXX SQQQ and SDS. He had us perfectly positioned for the market drop and took profits near the lows before the snap back. Anyone looking for swing trades almost daily, market analysis like no other and winning trades, this is the spot to be. Cheers!

Amazing Service!

Most people just focus on the trades Pro Trader Gareth Soloway gives, however, equal value is in his daily videos. So much insight and knowledge. They are addicting if you are a hardcore investor. Early on a screwed up by not learning the methodology and letting emotion take control. That was all on me. If I had followed Gareth, I would have made money every single month, a ton of it. My account has blossomed over the last year and allowed me to just buy a condo in AZ for retirement next year!

Supplementing My Income!

Verified Investing Alerts makes me money. I have calculated out that I can retired a full year earlier based on the money I have made with Gareth. Gareth is a true teacher and master trader. His alerts are clear with entry price, target and stops. He gives updates via his daily videos, his live broadcasts allow me to ask questions I have. It is rare you find a service that actually gives when it claims. Try it, see for yourself.

The King Of Trading

Gareth is never afraid to pull the trigger. Honestly, if I was not a member of Verified Investing Alerts I would probably be a losing trader. Every time I think the market is going lower and Gareth says bounce, the market bounces. Every time I think the market is going higher and Gareth says it will fall, it falls. His win rate is seriously amazing. I am surprised he actually gives out his trades to us ‘average’ investors. Thank you so much Gareth!

He Brings The Trades...

Joined Gareth a year ago and since then I am +53% on my swing trade portfolio. I honestly had never made much money prior. I love how he gets into trades and sometimes within a day or two he is out for a 10% profit. His daily videos are a must watch as they are insights that you WON’T get on CNBC. I am a truth lover and Gareth is the oracle of trading. When all is said and done, profits tell the truth and I have PROFITS! My only advice is to follow him.


There is so much junk on the internet. Verified Investing Alerts run by Gareth Soloway is the real thing. Check out the track record, I took 80% of those trades and made over 50% each of the past 3 yrs. I met Gareth at a seminar recently. Cool and down to earth. Very low key and chill in fact. Loved having a beer with him. He is a true student of the markets. Learn the PPT Methodology people. It will change your life.

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