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1) Methodology Revealed!

This course is our most in-depth teaching of the Methodology which has been developed by our Pros, Nick Santiago and Gareth Soloway with over 2 decades of painstaking perfection. The course is +7 hours of intense knowledge which will change the way you look at the markets, forever!


2) Elite Keys To Success!

Within this 4 hour course, you will learn things that have never been mentioned in any book, website or anywhere else. This exclusive course will specifically teach you the highly profitable tools and techniques of the PPT Methodology. This course will take the powerful knowledge you obtained in the Methodology Revealed Webinar and push you to an even higher level of PPT profitability.


3) Advanced Cycles!

This exclusive webinar is held for those who have previously attended our main webinar, “Methodology Revealed.” Within this 6 hour course, our Chief Market Strategist, Nick Santiago will reveal more information about his powerful cycle analysis than ever before. This course will excel your market knowledge to a level you never expected to allow you to unlock profits consistently and beat the markets.


4) Secrets To Picking Small Cap Winners!

This course will teach you the inside tricks and tactics used by Gareth to find explosive small cap winning trades for over a decade of trading. Within this exclusive +3 hour course, you will learn all of these amazing analysis tools.


5) Options Trading With Nick and Gareth Class!

This webinar will teach you exactly how Nick and Gareth trade options and earn huge gains. This quick course is just over an hour, hosted by both Nick and Gareth, and once you view it, you will never trade options the same.


6) Elite Gap Trading!

Within this exclusive webinar, our Chief Market Strategist, Nick Santiago will teach his coveted Gap Trading techniques. He has used these exact strategies to profit from the first 60 minutes of the trading day for over a decade. Now, we bring you the chance to learn them yourself.


7) Master Moving Averages!

This webinar will teach you how to utilize one of the most powerful charting tools to multiply your profit potential. Implementing and trading from Moving Averages like the Pros will take your profit making to the next level.


8) Rocket ship Buy/Short Signal!

This simple yet genius tactic will allow investors/traders to pinpoint when to buy falling knifes or short rocket ship charts to bank big profits. Every investor/trader must know this tactic!


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