The Only Thing More Important Than Price (live webinar)


** February 24th at 7pm ET **


This exclusive, live education will reveal one of the most important tools when it comes to earning serious profits from the markets, for life. Short term cycles are the only thing more important than price action and those who attend this course will level up their game instantly from this education. This course is an exclusive part of the 2021 Mastery Group; if you have not already purchased all 12 courses within the group at the discount, you can purchase access to this course alone now so you do not miss it.



Topics to be revealed in this live webinar include…


1:  Learn how to use short term cycles to nail turning points in the markets. This tool can tell you when to protect profits and even capitalize on short selling around market turning points.


2:  Discover how to pinpoint the most common short term cycles that happen in the market while the vast majority of traders never has a clue.


3:  Find out how to put cycles together with other important charting patterns. After all, the market is always sending traders messages everyday.


4:  Nick will show you a short term cycle that he has never revealed before that markets a major top in the stock market.


5:  Discover the power of numbers. W.D. Gann used to say if you can count on one hand you can figure out the stock market. Nick will show you exactly what he meant by this.


6:  Understand how to identify important dates in the future for potential market turning points such as anniversary dates, holidays, seasonality trends and more.




Live access to Nick while he teaches you hands of for this 2-3 hour game changing educational webinar will cost only $249.99.


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